Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Decision Time

I was recently asked by about decisions. We all have to make decisions in every moment of our lives - from when to get out of bed in a morning, what to wear, eat or drink and which route to take to work. It is these decisions that create the path we follow in our lives and ultimately shape our destinies. So I had a look back at some of my decisions in the past, the best and worst. Whilst I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, there are some I definitely look on as probably to the wisest at the time. And of course there are those that I reflect on with joy, those that brought us the best moments of our lives.

So here's a video all about the decisions on my life, good and bad.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

All Too Much

Just lately it has been getting all too much in our house. Mr H has been working away a lot and has gotten really run down and so been ill, meaning I've had to cover the majority of the childcare and take on more in the house. Even with the help of family and friends it has been hard and there doesn't feel like there is an end in sight. It is affecting our sanity and our relationship, but above all it is affecting our little lady.

Miss H has always turned to me the most for emotional support and can be very dependant on me for this. When someone enters the house she often runs for me, even if it is a family member she sees every week. But since Mr H has been away it has become a little too much. She follows me from room to room, panics if she can't find me within two minutes and will literally sit on me, pinning me down.

I feel suffocated. I need room, I need time, I just need a break.

I hate feeling like this. H is in nursery three days a week from eight until five, so it's not like she's with me 24/7 anyway, but I can't handle being her every thing and her every need all the time. I realise one day there will be a time when she doesn't need me and pushes me away rather than pulls me closer, and maybe then I'll look back and wish for these times. But right now, in this moment, it's all a bit overwhelming.

I'm sure things will change soon and it will go back to normal. Hopefully Mr H will spend more time at home and the Christmas break will see lots of family activities. I hope so, as I'm starting to drown again and really don't want to go backwards.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Should You Choose Your Career Over Having A Baby?

This is a really difficult question to answer because of the fact that the question is subjective by nature. There are some women that will want to have a child, no matter what. Others will be focused on their careers and will not care about anything else. Although the subjective nature of the choice is obvious, we cannot deny the fact that facts can influence this decision. Gumtree have put together an info graphic below for those who are struggling with this decision themselves.

  Gumtree infographic baby versus career

Gumtree infographic baby versus career is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

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Your Youtube #4

It's week four and Your Youtube has been going for a whole month! I am loving watching everyone's videos and have found so many new channels to subscribe to, I hope it's the same for you! This week's featured video is from Free From Farmhouse who shared her time at the BBC Good Food and even got me wantng some of the products she picked up!

I hope to see you all taking part again, please PLEASE make sure you visit the host video at least one other from the linky and like, comment and subscribe to their channels. That was hopefully everyone will get more views and likes on their videos and we can all share the love. As usual, I will be watching, liking and subscribing to everyone that joins in, and will also be sharing all videos on twitter. All I ask is you tweet and use the hashtag #YourYoutube when you've linked up.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Week's Story - Youtube Sneak Peek #2

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have noticed some sleepy time photos being shared of J in his new bed. As part of our role as ambassadors, we have been sent the Story bed from the lovely team at Cosatto and I have been so excited to share loads of photos of this beauty!
A photo posted by Hollybobbs (@hollybobbs) on

The First Taste Of Christmas

Last week mum and I were invited to return to The Ideal Home Show at Evencity in Manchester, only this time it was the Christmas show. We had a great time at the event in the summer and both being Christmas fans we couldn't wait for this show!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Your Youtube #3

Welcome to week three of Your Youtube! I'm really enjoying watching everyone's videos and have already come across some great vloggers that I wouldn't have seen without this linky, I hope it's the same for you.

The featured video from last week is The Mother Geek and her vlog on her journey getting an early autism diagnosis for her son and how it has affected her family. It is a very open and genuine video and I'm sure will help lots of people out there going through similar situations.

As always, please make sure you visit the host video at least one other from the linky and like, comment and subscribe to their channels. I will be watching, liking and subscribing to everyone that joins in, and will also be sharing all videos on twitter. All I ask is you tweet and use the hashtag #YourYoutube when you've linked up.

Link you videos here:

Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Top Buys This Week

Over the last couple of months I have shared my top purchases so here is what I've been buying over the last few weeks.

The Collar Necklace

I recently purchased this for £4.88 from Amazon and I am really pleased with it, and looking forward to giving it a try to jazz up those plain tees.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sealife Centre With The Octonauts

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to visit Sealife Centre at the Trafford Centre and say hello to the Octonauts. Whilst the children have occasionally watched the show, we are more Disney Jr fans so it was interesting to see what they would make of the characters.

Monday, November 10, 2014

A New Direction?

This weekend I attended Blogfest, the blogger conference run by Mumsnet. I spent my time with some incredible and inspirational bloggers and had such a great time, laughing and chatting away, in fact we spent more time doing that then attending the sessions!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Your Youtube #2

I was thrilled to have so many of you link up last week, thanks to all those who joined in, shared and commented on others' videos. It's great to see so much support for each other. Each week I'll be picking a favourite and this week I have chosen Coco Mama Style's video Get Yourself Out Of A Jeans Style Rut. Helen shares some great tips for mums out there to update their wardrobe without too much effort and I found her style recommendations really helpful, as I definitely guilty of sticking to what I know and in need of a change.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you link up this week, as before please make sure you visit the host video at least one other from the linky and like, comment and subscribe to their channels. I will be watching, liking and subscribing to everyone that joins in, and will also be sharing all videos on twitter. All I ask is you tweet and use the hashtag #YourYoutube when you've linked up.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Youtube Sneak Peek #1

As some of you may know, I have been focusing a lot more on my Youtube channel recently and am really enjoying filming and creating the videos, much to my surprise. I don't often post the videos over here unless I am writing a related post, so I wanted to share a couple of my recent videos just to give you an idea of what I've been talking about.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Days With Daddy

I am very fortunate that my husband is a very hands-on dad. Over the weekend when I am having a bad day or am feeling particularly tired, he will look aft her children and let me have a rest. Most Saturdays he takes the children to the supermarket to do the 'big shop' whilst I stay at home and he spends lots of time just taking care of them.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Planning A Birthday Party

Like many parents, I look forward to my children's' birthdays tremendously, but also slightly anxious about the preparation these celebrations take to put together, especially as the children get older and the requests more demanding.

It is good to know I'm not alone as a recent survey revealed 42% of parents also feel this pressure. Steve Duggan, party planner to the stars including Elton John, has shared his top tips for throwing a stress-free and budget friendly party for your little treasure.

Fisher Price Little People Skyway Giveaway With Tesco

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Skyway from Fisher Price's Little People range. My children absolutely loved it and still play with it regularly and we have adapted it so you can use smaller cars on it too.

Today I have a giveaway to win one of your very own - perfect in time for Christmas! Worth £29.99 this huge ramp will keep your little ones entertained for hours. Simply follow the Rafflecopter below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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