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How to Save Money On Your Mobile Phone Contract

Having a workable plan when it comes to mobile phone contracts ensures you have your expenditure in check. Phone companies are notorious for being sneaky when it comes to monthly charges and EE have just paid a huge fine after continuing to charge customers the same monthly fee longer after their contract has ended! That basically means thousands of people have paid for their smartphone many times over. Don’t get caught out, here are ways that help you save on mobile contracts.

Review: Christmas Winter Wonderland in Liverpool

We absolutely love December and the build up to the Christmas season and usually have a few different events to go to get us in the festive spirit. For the first time this year, Liverpool have opened their own Winter Wonderland and we were invited along to give it a try. The event is set in the Bombed Out Church in the city centre, which I have never actually been inside before and with lots of activities set up, it looked like it would be a good one.

Men's Winter Style With Jacamo

With Winter well and truly upon us we've dug out our thick coats and put away the lighter, and not quite as protective jackets and raincoats. As always at this time of year, someone is short on a good quality coat - usually due to a growth spurt - however this year it was Mr H whose coats seemed to have had a little too much wear and tear. Thankfully the people at Jacamo offered him some pieces from their Winter range so he could look a bit more presentable.

Between us we browsed their site looking for the right coat - he already has a smart work one but really needed a more casual coat for standing on the side of the football pitch in whatever weather or walking the dog. He can be a bit particular with what he likes, which always makes it fun for me at Christmas ad birthdays, but eventually he opted for a black parka which, with its fur lined hood, would keep him warm and also suited his frame.

Gift Guide: Kids Books For Christmas

I am a huge book lover and always have been, and I encourage my children to read as much as I can. Neither of the children seem to be natural bookworms, which has surprised me, but they do love listening to stories each night. I thought this year I would put together a few of our favourites, as well as a few ideas to get those children who are not natural readers enjoying reading without realising they are. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Review: Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise

If your child is like mine, they will love slime - I don't think there's many children who haven't latched on to this craze which sees kids messing with glue and chemicals to create something that sticks to carpets and fabric and will not be removed. As you can probably tell, it isn't my favourite trend! However the kids love it and on occasion I have relented and let them get some, and when we were recently sent the new Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise to try that was one of those times.

How to Drive Safely in London's Fog With the Right Tyres

The capital city has some tricky roads to drive around on - even if you have the benefit of being able to avoid them in the rush hour. In the morning one, especially, road conditions can be made even worse by fog which sometimes hangs over great swathes of London. Of course, in foggy conditions, it is harder to see exactly where you are going and you may hit things in the road which damage your car's tyres, such as debris from spilt lorry loads, drain covers or potholes. In addition, fog means that you often get overly cautious drivers on the road ahead which sometimes mean you need to brake hard or even swerve to avoid.

Review: L.O.L. Surprise Pop-Up Store

L.O.L. dolls were the latest in the collectible toy series in 2016 and since then have become one of the main collectible toys for kids. Holly has several of the dolls herself and loves opening the different parts and then dressing up the dolls and swapping their clothes about. The Pop-Up Store is the latest expansion to the L.O.L. doll range and sets to be a bestseller this Christmas - it has actually been voted in the top toys for Christmas by Dreamtoys. We were sent one to try out and I thought Holly's eyes would pop out of her head when she saw it!

Review: AEG Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

AEG Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

I swear by our Dyson vacuum cleaner, we've had it for years and as we have pets it is brilliant for getting up all those hairs that stick down into the carpets and refuse to budge. However after trying out a cordless vac last year we were won over by the idea of not having to deal with wires and cords but also that quick jobs are so much easier to tackle without having to untangle the wire and find a free plug.


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