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Things They Don't Tell You About Having A Boy

Having children is both a blessing and a test of your will, but there is something to be said about having boys that makes you turn grey long before you should. I always dreamt of having both sexes and have been fortunate that I got my wish, but nobody really warned quite what to expect when that boy came along. So here's a few words of warning from me to you about the perils of the male of the species.

Your Youtube #67

Welcome back to Your Youtube, your weekly video link up where we share our most recent videos and support each other in our Youtube journies. This week's featured video is from Becky Cowley, who along with her husband has been sharing their journey battling Chris' cancer. In this video Becky has put together a fantastic tribute to all those who are walking the Three Peaks in support of Chris.

Over to the linky - please share up to two videos and once you've linked up watch and comment on at least two others - although if you have time to do more that's always welcome! Over to you.

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So Your Child Got Into School...

Here you are, with your three a four year old, ready to take those next steps of parenting and give your child their first taste of life without you guiding them or waiting in the next room when they bump their heads. You've received that email or letter letting you know which school will be privileged with teaching your little angel and you're getting yourself ready for September when the big day will arrive. But what's next? What do you actually need to do now the confirmation has been received?

Living With A Threenager

I was warned when I complained about the terrible twos that threes were even worse. But as I battled with tantrums, refusal do as I asked and fights to get dressed on a morning, I had no idea what was in store for me just around the corner. Ladies and gentleman I introduce...The Threenager.

A Visit To Tatton Park in Cheshire

Over Easter we took a little trip to the National Trust House, Tatton Park. Set in 1000 acres of beautiful Cheshire countryside, it is about half an hour from our house but not somewhere we have visited that much. It is always packed, especially in the huge play area out the front of the house, but the vast gardens are renowned for their huge array of plants and hold so much space for the children to run around until they collapse exhausted.

Me & Mine: March 2016

March has been a pretty steady month, which is good for us as we all seem to get upset when things aren't routine for us, particularly Jack. We enjoyed daddy's birthday and Mother's Day together at the start of the month, did a bit of geocaching with friends and Holly showed off her Easter bonnet at school. Now the Easter holidays are here and our family holiday to Spain just around the corner, which we are all more than ready for.

Your Youtube #64

Hello and welcome back to Your Youtube, and Happy Easter! I'm so excited for the arrival of this holiday as in a week we are going to Spain for a holiday, and I cannot wait! In the meantime we've got a lovely weekend planned with the children so I should have lots of video fodder!

For this week's video of the week I've gone with my lovely co-host Sian, who has put together a beautiful letter to her daughter and created a video where she reads the letter. Sian has done this a few times now and I think she writes with such tenderness and it really shows in her video.

Over to the linky - please share no more than two videos and comment on at least two in return. Don't forget to join us in the Your Youtube Facebook group where we have a lovely little community for support and advice and where we also host the weekly chat.

Filming Videos On Your IPhone

Ever since I decided to give YouTube a try over a year ago I have absolutely fallen in love with making videos. Whilst I'm still not quite up to speed with uploading regularly, I am always filming little clips of the children or the days out we take. After taking part in Xanthe Berkley's Make Film course I discovered how to make my films just that little bit better by thinking about content and different angles and filming styles.

Whilst I do like making films on fancy equipment - after much waiting I finally ordered myself a Canon G7X and, oh my, how I love it. However for the most part I use my iPhone for filming as it's so handy to just get it out of my pocket and press record. Today I thought I'd would share a few tips I've picked up for filming on your mobile to help you create great videos without spending a lot of money on expensive camera.


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