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How I've Handled Lockdown & Parenting with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It's been a long old time since I properly sat down and wrote a post on here, over a year probably. Unless you live on the moon you will be well aware of the unprecedented times of the last four months and the lockdown of the UK, amongst most countries in the world. I thought I would share how that has gone for us as a family, if for no other purpose than to look back on in years to come.

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Review: La Coqueta Childrenswear

We've recently been sent a beautiful coat from Spanish childrenswear brand La Coqueta for Holly to try out. La Coqueta was set up in 2013 by a mum of five with the aim of promoting Spanish design and creativity to the English market.

Browsing their website you can't help but be awed by the beautiful traditional pieces with a contemporary twist - empire line dresses with delicate floral prints, dungaree skirts with frilly straps and mother of pearl buttons and patent Mary Janes are just some of the items you will find for girls. Plus the sizes go up to ten years, which is such a refreshing change to me as often at Holly's age the clothing is not always suitable and I feel too old, so it's nice to find clothing that celebrates children being children.

Top Tips On Making Your Home Office Productive

We all need somewhere to take care of all the admin of life. Whether it's your tax returns, somewhere to keep track of all the family's doctor appointments, important letters, or documentation relating to your home-based business. Having a home office at your disposal certainly makes things run a little smoother.

But when organisation and modern life collide, it's not always easy to create a workspace that is both productive and easy to work with. Backache, poor lighting, toys, even repetitive strain injury, all of these things are productivity killers, and the best way to combat them is to design your home office with productivity in mind.

Unsure of where to begin? Read on for some top tips to make your home office super productive.

Benefits of Opening a Savings Account For Your Baby

Having a baby is expensive. A recent study carried out by MyVoucherCodes showed that, during the first month most parents spend over £500 on their newborns. From that point, because you do not have to buy as much equipment, the costs do tail off a little but some additional expenses, like nappies, are unavoidable.

A Junior ISA from Wealthify is a great way to save for their future once those initial big purchases have been made.

Top Tips on How You Can Combat the Winter Blues

Although they undoubtedly have their positives, the Autumn and Winter months can act as a catalyst for sadness for a lot of people – and it’s scientifically proven that this is an actual health condition. It’s no wonder really. We go from warm weather, long days and an abundance in vitamin D, to dark mornings, darker nights, cold air and the sun hiding for months at a time. This time of year can begin to feel like a slog for a lot of people, because they can see the dark nights, feel the chill of the air, and know it’s only going to creep up infinitely quicker day by day for the next six months or so. If this sounds like you, then here are some top tips on how you can combat the infamous “Winter blues” and stay positive this season.

Review: Snow Park at Chill Factore

In May of this year the popular Snow Park at Chill Factore where children and adults alike can dive down on a toboggan or slide in rings down an icy slope, had a re-launch and we were invited along to give it a try. We visited over the summer holidays, which was definitely a novelty going from heat into the snow, but it was actually a great activity for an August rainy day.

Review: Comfortable Footwear for Travelling With Hotter Shoes

We've all done it before - bought beautiful new shoes for our holiday only to wear them once and our feet be ripped to pieces. Hard plastic, rough leather, painful heels - you name it, I've been there. However thanks to Hotter Shoes' Tourist sandals, this Summer my feet were given a reprieve from the pain. Read on to find out why!

The Advantages of Driving With Correct Tyres

If you are a car owner, you will be familiar with the importance of having correct tyres. It is very dangerous to continue to drive with tyres that are either in poor condition or do not match your vehicle’s needs. Bad tyres are a driving hazard and they can cause your vehicle to lose its grip on the road. Your car can lose its control on the road and you can be exposed to the risk of an accident. If you want to be confident while driving, you have to make sure that your tyres are in optimum position and can give you the desired level of performance.

Effective consumption of fuel 

Cars always tend to consume more fuel when tyres are worn out. Bad tyres make it difficult for the car mechanisms to work properly and the result is more usage of fuel. This will make you spend more money on fuel. Best approach will be to invest in good tyres so you save money in the long run.

Better traction 

The problem with old tyres is, they lose their tread and road grip. When tyres are new, they have better surface area and create a better traction pattern.

Comfortable drive with right tyres 

The whole driving experience transforms when your tyres are correct. Brakes work better and there is less noise while driving. If your old tyres need replacement, you can check with tyre experts. Taking long road trips is fun but bad tyres can have bad implications even when you are driving inter-city, for example in the Scotland area or in sub areas like Dundee, Aberdeenshire or Edinburgh. For selecting brand new tyres in Dundee look no further and get them today from Fife Autocentre's site

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