Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Doc McStuffins Party

This week we celebrated the new episodes of Doc McStuffins with a party thanks to It was a quiet party this time as our friends were either ill or busy, so there were just five children and two mummies to watch over them. It was a bit more relaxing this time around as the children are getting older now and more independent, meaning us mums get five minutes to chat!

The Doc is in!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Your Youtube #15

Happy Friday and welcome back to Your Youtube! I hope everyone's had a lovely week with lots of vlogging for you to share.

There were a great selection of videos linked up last week, which have been so interesting to watch. I decided this week's favourite was from Coco Mama Style, who shows us how to dress up our daytime outfits. I am definitely someone who just throws on the nearest bits of clothing during the day, so I love Helen's tips!

Over to the linky, please add your links before and don't forget to like, comment and subscribe to at least two videos including the host!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

From The Sofa: Activities For Sick Days

It's that time of year that for many, sickness bugs are roaming unchecked through our households. We have been pretty fortunate *touches wood* that my two have escaped the worse and we've only have coughs and colds to deal with. But if you get hit with the nasties like flu, chickenpox, or worse, that sees your children sofa-bound the days can suddenly seem endless.

So I thought I'd put together a few ideas to keep the children occupied when they don't have the physical energy to play but their minds need some stimulation. As a mummy with M.E. I am becoming used to finding low energy activities for my two, so here are my best ones, just for you.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Doc McStuffins Twitter Party

We are big fans of Doc McStuffins in this house so when we were invited to take part in a twitter party to celebrate the new episodes of Doc in action, being shown on Disney Junior every weekday at 4.55pm. We have already reviewed a few of the Doc McStuffins toys on the blog and we can't wait to reveal what our guests will be trying out at the party this Thursday.

Join us on Twitter between 1-3pmon Thursday and be in with a chance to win lots of goodies from Flair for your little ones. use the #docmcstuffins hashtag and follow @DisneyJuniorUK to keep up with the action.

In the meantime why not visit for more fun Doc McStuffins activities and games.

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The Elusive Bedtime

Bedtime - it is definitely a hot topic in the parenting world and often a huge source of stress for any parent. We have always been very fortunate that both our children are relatively good sleepers, but I know many friends who have children who point-blank refuse to sleep through and to who nap times are some elusive goal. Often the pre-bedtime routine can end up in a futile battle that often ends in tantrums or tears. Here are some suggestions for those that are struggling.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Trying To Find A Bargain

Mr H loves his cars. Although he didn't pass his test until he was 23, where I passed straight away at 17 and couldn't wait to get going, once he did there was no stopping him. As we have gotten older and our budget has grown, so has the type of cars we have owned and we are very fortunate to be able to drive our children around in good quality and reliable cars.

Our car in America
Like most people, we have bought second hand many a time, and learnt the hard way that this isn't always the most reliable way of buying a car. When we are looking at ideal cars more often than not they can be out of our budget. Anybody who’s gone searching for the used car of their dreams will tell you how difficult it is to get a bargain on certain models and it is even more frustrating that the price depends heavily on location. So here are some tips for how to find the best car at the best price you can.

Start looking elsewhere

Not that I'm suggesting this would be a place to look!
In a study of some 600 car dealerships across the UK, researchers found that the prices of certain models can vary by more than £5,000 in certain places in the country - how crazy is that?! The researchers attributed it mainly to the simple fact that discounts being offered by car dealerships vary in different parts of the country. For example, a Volkswagen Golf gets an average discount of £1,457 in London. However, buyers who are looking for a better deal than that should travel south. Migrate with the birds, because the discount on the same Volkswagen Golf in central southern England reaches up to £2,590!

Drive Slow

Like a lot of things, you have to be cautious. This is most especially true in the world of used car sales - we've all heard of used car salesmen employing dirty tricks - so it’s important to do research and take care when buying used cars. It’s normal to be tempted by a flashy car that’s available for a very low price but be reasonable and do your research first. If a deal is too good to be true, it usually is. Here's some suggestions on the best approach:

Make a shortlist. Narrowing your choices down allows you to do research on specific models. This makes it easier to find facts and check them when the time comes to look at the car in the dealership. 

Do your homework. Again, doing research is very important when buying second-hand cars. With an investment this big, making a mistake is very costly. Take time to compare prices between dealerships and ask knowledgeable friends for advice.

Consider who’s going to be driving the car. This should also be one of the important considerations you must make when buying a car. Will the driver be a newbie who is just learning to drive? Or will the driver be someone more experienced? These are important considerations to make when making a decision on which car to buy.

If you’re looking for a good bargain, do a little more research and don’t forget to include searches on dealerships outside your town or city. Sure, you may have to spend a little more time to hunt a bargain down and travel, but the savings will be all worth it.

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Your Youtube #14

Hello and welcome to Your Youtube for another week! I am so pleased to see so many of you linking up and new people joining in each week! One of those is Jess from Catch a Single Thought who shared a big announcement with us and is this week's featured video.

Over to the linky - add your videos below, please like and comment on at least two videos (including the host) and tweet out that you have joined in.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Britmums Live 2015 Sponsors

After a bit of back and forth I have decided to attend the parent blogger conference, Britmums Live once more. I was unsure at first as to whether I wanted a change of scenery, having attended for the last two years, however in the end didn't want to miss out on such a great day surrounded by amazing brands and inspirational bloggers.

As I have done previously, I was on the lookout for one or two sponsors who I could offer my support and shout about for the next twelve months, and I am thrilled to announce them today.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Cussons #Voiceofmums Video

Cussons have recently launched their #voiceofmums campaign and their latest video features their Mum and Me products and is all about messy bath times.

Both my two love bathtime, especially Little J who runs up the stairs when I mention bath. They both love some splashing though and I end up looking like I have been in the bath with them!

I was asked to recreate the Cussons video myself, so here is my attempt - apologies in advance for the singing!

*This is a featured post

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Going Green At Home

Do you use LED lighting? Did you know that they can save you 80% of electrical power compared to a normal light bulb?

When we moved into our new home two years ago, many of the fittings already had LED bulbs in them. As the fittings we chose for our front room meant we would have ten, yes TEN, bulbs in one room alone we decided to opt for long-lasting and energy saving. And it seems to have worked as we are yet to change a bulb in there compared to the four we've had to change in our kitchen light before we switched to LED in there too.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Pancake Bites

I love Pancake Day, although the chances are I completely forget about it until the night and by then it's too late to buy the ingredients and I'm sat there googling recipes without the ingredients I'm lacking.

Your YouTube #13

Welcome back to Your YouTube for another week. I was thrilled to see so many of you linking up last week, thank you as always for your support. There were some brilliant videos linked up but I decide to go for Brummy Mummy of Two's video as part of her 'Don't Beat Yourself Up' Guide.

So over to the linky - I do feel like a broken record but please comment on at least two videos when you link up your own and if you feel like you can't do that then please save your video for a week when you can. It is only fair when so many of us are commenting on every video each week. So, with my little rant over, off you go!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Learning To Swim

learning to swim

When we booked this year's summer holiday last August it felt like an age away. As the new year came round we realised that it was only five months, and now nearing the middle of February it's even closer - 80 days according to my My First Choice app!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Enjoying A Film at Legoland

Last weekend we were invited to attend the North-West premiere screening of the new Lego Ninjago series, Masters of Spinjitzu, at Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester. With Miss H and Little J being aged under four, we haven't really branched into Lego much in our house, but we were excited to attend and see what it was all about.

We have visited the centre once before, but the children were much younger then and we didn't really get as much out of it as we would have liked. However now they are that bit older there is so much for them to do we could have stayed all day!

First we attended the screening and I have to say I quite enjoyed the show. Whilst aimed at children, it wasn't too childish so as an adult I could appreciate it too. Little J was mesmerised by it and although, with two 45 minute showings, it was a bit long for a lot of the children in there, he was enthralled throughout. Thankfully the rest of the series is being shown on Cartoon Network later this month so we can find out what happens next!

After the show the children then spent an hour or so enjoying the rest of the centre. Unfortunately we had plans, and the centre was quite busy, so we didn't spend too long in there but we have been invited to be ambassadors so will be spending more time there in the future!

For more information on future events at Legoland Manchester visit here. I also put together a video of our day, so enjoy!

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Juicing and Yoga With Curry's

Just over a week ago I was invited to attended an event in Leeds with Currys PC World. I travelled across the moors with local blogging buddy, Let's Talk Mommy and we had a lovely catch up, making the hour and a half journey fly by.

The lovely Jenny
 The event was based on nutrition and fitness with several Phillips juicers being demonstrated as well as a session of yoga to wake us up before the juices started flowing. I did plan for the yoga, bringing sweats along with me, but in the ended decided to go for it in jeans and a jumper - I was a bit sweaty afterwards! It was great fun snapping several bloggers in their downwards dogs, though!

After the yoga our group then visited the three tables set up - one for practising juicing ourselves, one for a cocktail masterclass and one to learn more about the how to add even more goodness into your juices using natural enhancements and additives.

Green tea and chia seeds

I really enjoyed trying out the juicers, I have owned one previously but these were super robust and very quickly zapped the juice out of everything we added making yummy concoctions at the end.

Strawberries and lime?
Because it was an event there was so much fruit and veg on offer - most of which I would never normally have at home. It was really interesting to try unusual combinations to see what worked and what didn't. I discovered beetroot is actually really great, plus it makes all the juices look yummy instead of that weird murky brown colour some can have. Ginger is also a really interesting taste to add, just watch you don't put in too much. One flavour I really enjoyed was lime, which surprised me, and I have included it in a few smoothies at home for that morning zing!

Production line of juicer
It was a really fun day and I enjoyed seeing the bloggers over in Yorkshire I don't get to chat to very often, as well as meeting some for the first time who I talk to online a lot. Plus I won a juicer with my rather *flattering* photo of Jenny - cheers chick!

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