The beginning of the inspiration

During my pregnancy I spent a lot of time alone in the apartment. My husband worked all day and had the only car and as we had just moved to the area I didn't know anyone I could go visit. This meant I had a lot of time on my hands and not much to do with it. After chatting with ladies on various pregnancy forums, such as Baby and Bump I became motivated to try and make some things for my daughter's nursery. I have always been a creative person and enjoyed craft projects, but it had been a while since I attempted any. I trawled the Internet in search of some ideas and came across many pages which inspired me. Not having a sewing machine did limit me, however when I discovered this 'no-sew' tutorial I was laughing.

Red Ted Art's Blog

After a couple of attempts with the Wonder Web, here is my own finished version:

I would definitely recommend anyone to have a go, it was quick to make and with Red Ted's great instructions, easy too!!


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