How to Ink Stain Paper To Create A Vintage Look

I keep flicking through crafting mags or various luscious blogs and seeing lovely embellishments or cards where the edges of the paper had been inked to make it look aged. I always thought how great this looked and how I would like to try it out myself. Now I know for some of you more experienced crafters this may seem very straight forward, but to someone who had never done this before I really didn't have a clue how to go about it. And clearly it's too straight forward for many a tutorial as I couldn't find that much to show me the way! But after hunting around I threw a few ideas together and came up with a plan of attack, and thought I would record it as I did - so here you go...

Reflecting Back

Isn’t it funny how life can change, and how much you change along with it?

I used to write, a lot. I had very little else to do (damn how that’s ringing true at this point in my life too). I wrote stories, lyrics and poems. And I’ve saved them all. So as I have been going through my computer, which is full to bursting point, deleting all the crap, I came across all my old files. It’s so strange looking back through them, they almost recount my youth, moment by moment. The years of bullying and torment, the boys and the heartache and mischief they brought, the steep learning curves and the dreams that I had forgotten about. It’s interesting reading, knowing what I know now and realising how naive I was but also how big I used to dream.

Our trip to Tahoe with a baby and a dog!

We recently took our first trip to Lake Tahoe and were blown away by the vastness of this incredible place. As we visited in May, it was in between the Winter and Summer seasons and so on the quiet side, but this was fine for us. We took the four hour car ride with our four month old daughter, Holly, and our nine year old Jack Russell Terrier, Jasper, and I'm not sure who was more demanding! Jasper has never been one for cars so didn't enjoy the journey very much, however after spending so long in her car seat Holly was feeling a tad frustrated by the time we arrived!

New Wall Letters Finally Done!

I am so pleased, my latest set of hand-painted wall letters are finally complete! They were made with lots of love and care for the nursery of the upcoming first baby of our close friends and I am thrilled with the result! They are up on Etsy now!

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