I’ve umm-ed and err-ed about whether I should write this post for a while now, but in the end I’ve decided it’s something I need to get out. I am also linking up with I Am Typecast’s Do Something Yummy prompt of Survival.

How To Be More Than A Mum

Of late I have had the feeling that I am quickly losing myself. Not so long ago I had a full time job, enjoyed going out and dancing with my friends, spent the weekends laying in with my hubby and our pooch until midday then watching whatever rubbish TV I wanted or going out for the day. Now, as a stay-at-home Mum, I don't have a career to define myself by and have very little time to follow any of my own interests, so it seems all I am is 'Mummy'. Don't get me wrong, being a Mum is a fantastic job, I adore my little girl and I am very fortunate that I can stay at home with her instead of sending her into childcare. But when it gets to the point that I am saying 'ack' (our word when she starting routing through bins or sucking shoes) to myself when she's nowhere near me, or going to bed singing a medley of Disney Channel tunes, I begin to wonder if I am losing the plot.

A Series of Firsts

Over the last week I have been tagged in a few Memes. Having never come across a Meme before I had no idea what one was let alone what I had to do! After seeking advice I realised it almost like a chain letter, in that you, along with other people the post-writer tags, are given a task then have to pass this on to your own series of people. I decided to give the meme I was tagged in by Vikki at Mummy's Cheeky Monkey a go first, being about firsts itself. So here you are:

My Two Weeks That Were

Due to being ill for over a week now (and feeling very sorry for myself), my weekly update was foregone last week in favour of bed and rest. Being pregnant means I am restricted to paracetamol and hot chocolate so I have been quite pitiful of late. To catch up with my last two weeks, and because I am still not feeling great, I have decided to display a few photos of our activities rather than composing a massive post.

Fun at Grandma & Grandad's
Sensory Play

Welcome Home Daddy!
My Valentine's Day

Date Night
Grown Up Girl

Join in with Katie at Mummy Daddy & Me and read all about her Week That Was!

Getting Together

My friends mean a lot to me, in fact they were a major contributor to the reason we returned home from America last July. When you are eight hours difference away from those you hold dear and pretty much on your own, there's only so much sightseeing and sunshine can keep your intrigue. They are also part of the reason I still live an hour away from my home town and therefore my family, as although my family are hugely dear to me and I love them with all my heart, my social time with my friends is a large part of my life that I wouldn't want to give up.

Happy Valentines Day

Wishing Time Away

Since I was young have always seemed to wish my life away. When I was little I wanted to be grown up, to be able to do all the things my Mum said I could do 'when I was older' and to be heard by the adults around me. When I moved into my teenage year I wanted to be eighteen so I could go out and drink or learn to drive and gain that sense of freedom that comes with the turning of age. When I was twenty I wanted to be in my mid-20's, and looking forward to getting married and having a family. So now I am one year off thirty, what do I wish for?

What Family Means

This week's Do Something Yummy writing prompt centres around family - what kind of family you have, what it means to you and your family moments. Supporting the CLIC Sargent campaign for children with cancer, my post this week is a short one, but makes this campaign no less important.

My Week That Was

This week is a bit of a crazy week as the Hubby is away in Germany with work *sniff* and I am travelling all over the place in order to avoid too many nights on my own (I don't live in 24 hours away from people now so solitude is no longer forced upon me). So a day later than planned, here is My Week That Was.

What My Child Means To Me

Today I am joining Nickie at Typecast in the Yummy Mummy Week, helping to support the CLIC Sargent Charity. Although I am extremely lucky to have had no experience of cancer personally, this is a subject that touches me greatly. The writing prompt this week is What Your Children Mean To You, so here is my food for your thoughts.

Big Decision: VBAC Or C-Section?

Baby Boy is due at the end of May and since we found out we were expecting again, the main issue that has been on mine and my husband's minds is the labour. After a gruelling (and may I add knackering) 40 hour labour with Holly resulting in an emergency c-section, I wanted to avoid all chances of this happening again. I wish it was that easy!

Shattered but happy my baby was here


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