Imperfect Parenting

When we imagined ourselves as parents we all have our "we will do's" and "we wont's." Mr H and I had gathered a fair few "we wont's" over the years, gained from watching other 'imperfect' parents and their devilish offspring's. When Mr H was smacked over the head in a pub by a balloon held by an unruly five year old, we decreed that our child would never be left to run riot around a busy establishment and would be made to sit still. In the supermarket we witnessed toddlers screaming in the trolley, demanding to be freed and vowed our child would be as silent as a mouse. On airplanes, as our seats were kicked or the angelic little mites peered over our seats for the whole ten hour flight, we were determined our little darlings would sit perfect content for the duration.

My Week That Was

Catching up with Katie over at Mummy, Daddy and Me, here is the adventures of my latest week.

All I Have To Say Is...

What a beautiful weekend

30 Weeks Pregnant With Baby Boy

As of tomorrow I will be 31 weeks pregnant with Baby Boy, which means I now have just over 9 weeks to go. Holy crap! I thought I would write a bit of an update just so I can look back and remember what it feels like to be pregnant, as this will be our last. Note to future self: you do not take to pregnancy very well, don't try it again!

My Week That Was

Yet again I have very naughtily fallen behind on my Week That Was posts and so here once more is a double episode!

Mothers Day One Year Ago

As is it Mothers Day on March 18th (Daddybobbs, take note!), I thought I would take a look back at last years Mothers Day. What a difference a year makes!

Happy Holly Birthday

I realised today that I never posted about Holly's first birthday party. Being only six days before Christmas, it went by so quickly and since then it's totally slipped my mind! Well, today is the day, so here it is!

Baby On Board!

OK, whilst Holly has her Nin Nins (that's dinner to you and me), I need a rant! my Mum and Dad live in Yorkshire and I visit usually every other week, so am a frequent traveller on the notorious M62. Not the greatest motorway at the best of times, the current roadworks setting the speed limit to 50mph for the majority of my journey make it even worse.

Holly's Terrible Twosday Antics

Today I am joining the Crumby Mummy and sharing the antics of our naughty toddlers in Terrible Twosday!

My Week That Was - A 30th

After a pretty terrible week last week (see my post on Survival), last week was a vast improvement, and was topped off with the celebration of John's 30th birthday. After planning his present for a few months, I was very excited to give it to him and was up early on Friday morning to give Holly her breakfast and cook John a birthday breakfast in bed! I think he was quite pleased with his pressie.


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