My Week That Was - A Big Girl Bed

Here we are again, Monday has flown round and another week closer to Baby Boy's arrival! Now let's see if I can remember last week...

Depression Is Not A Weakness: My Story

This week it's Depression Awareness Week. Did you know that 1 in 5 people suffer from depression at some point in their lives, with women more likely to be affected as well as 10% of children! It is an illness that few people understand or know how to deal with, something I know from my own experiences.

My Week That Was - A Shopping Spree (or two)!

Inevitably my Week That Was post is late again! Mr H and I had a very busy weekend and I have been away for the start of the week so I am only just getting back online. Here is my week:

35 Weeks Pregnant With Baby Boy

It has been a while since my 30 week update and as I turn 35 weeks today, I thought I would give a bit of an update. As you may have read in No Decision, we still have not decided what to do about the method of delivery. Mr H and I have had a chat since then and I think we may be more firm on which way we are going, but I am waiting until we see the consultant on the 1st May before I settle things in my head properly.

How to Survive a Long Car Journey With a Toddler

Once upon a time a restless Little H, a 33 weeks pregnant mummy, a car sick Jack Russell and peacemaker daddy were invited to a weekend in Scotland. As Little H was becoming more and more mobile and less inclined to sit still, mummy and daddy weren't sure how to ensure a stress-free car journey. However after agreeing to undertake the epic six hour journey, mummy and daddy put their heads together and came up with a plan for the journey. Here are our top tips for getting to your destination in one piece!

No Decision

A Baby Boy Shower

When I was expecting Little H my friends and family threw me such a lovely baby shower. I was living in America at the time so they surprised me during a visit home when I was 24 weeks, and I had such a fantastic night and Little H got an amazing amount of gifts. After having that shower I didn't necessarily want or expect to have a second one, that seemed a little too cheeky! Instead my close friends and I decided to spend the weekend at a local spa hotel and get some much-needed relaxation. Little did I know what they had planned!
At Baby Girl's Shower

My Week That Was - A Shower

This week's Week That Was is just a quick update on our recent adventures.

My Week That Was - Och Aye The Nu

Having returned from our weekend away yesterday, My Week That Was is running slightly behind, but here is a catch up of our last week.

My Fears As A Parent

Last night after being awaken with a start following yet another upsetting dream due to my over-active pregnancy brain, I laid in my bed trying to return to the land of nod. My mind wandered, as it inevitably does, over the events of the day, plans for the next day and then onto my little girl.

She is so precious to me, that little girl, she is never far from my thoughts. With every passing day my love for her gets more strong than I thought could be possible, and yet alongside that so do my fears for her. You don't realise, nor can you comprehend, until you are a parent the protective love you feel for your baby. She is such an innocent little being and has no idea the dangers in the world out there, I would do anything to protect her from them.

My Week That Was - A Babymoon

Mr H and I have been away for a few days as a little break before Baby Boy arrives in a few short weeks, so this week's post is a little late in the making. However, joining in with Mummy, Daddy & Me, here is my week that was.


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