Review: Play Merrily Baby Stella Doll

A few weeks ago we were generously sent the Baby Stella Doll by Merry at Play Merrily Toys. Little H is now 15 months old and already loves carrying her dolls around, although they tend to get carried about by their feet, their heads repeatedly bashed on whatever object she walks past. I don't think she's going to be a gentle meek little girl! The Baby Stella Doll seemed very apt, as she is a plush fabric doll and therefore slightly harder to bash me painfully over the head with! When we opened the box the doll sat there looking at us. With her removable outfit on and magnetically attached dummy in her mouth she looked lovely.

Little H was intrigued and very impatiently yelled at me whilst I untied the doll from her packaging. When I handed it to her she grabbed it from my hands and proceeded to carry Stella around, not letting go, for some time. Her favourite part of the doll was the magnetic dummy, which I think is a great idea. She loved taking it out and returning it to the doll time and time again, thrilled that it stayed in place when she let it go. I also thought the removable clothes and nappy were great as I could teach Little H about how we take the doll's clothes off and change Stella's nappy, ready for Baby Boy's arrival.

Overall I thought the doll was really lovely. It is well made and has really life-like features, including a belly button! Little H enjoyed playing with the doll and returns back to it time and again, which can be a rarity for her. I would love it if the doll had more magnetic features, as this was a great hit. The doll's age range is from 12 months+ and is priced at £20.95. There are also accessories that can be purchased to add to the doll, such as clothes or a feeding set. Please visit Play Merrily Toys for more information and the make your purchase! You can also find Merry on her blog at Patch of Puddles.

I was sent the doll for review for free, all opinions are my own.


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