Today is one little girl's ninth birthday. Nine years old. That's quite a lot of years. To think what I was doing nine years ago - I was twenty, still at university, I hadn't yet met Mr H, let alone had any inkling of Little H or Baby Boy. A lot of things can happen in nine years. For this little girl, where she will celebrate being on this earth for nine years nobody knows. Her parents, who gave life to her, who raised her, who love her, will spend the day in mourning, wondering where their child is, if she is even still alive. I couldn't even comprehend how they must feel.

Five years ago on Thursday 3rd May 2007, aged three years old, Madeleine Mccan went missing from Praia da Luz, Portugal whilst on holiday. Despite worldwide media coverage and several awareness-raising campaigns, Madeleine has still not been found.

So today, on her ninth birthday, I am joining in the #blogging4madeleine campaign in the hope that someone, somewhere, will come forward with some information as to the whereabouts of this little girl.

Happy Birthday Madeleine.


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