Book Review: Little Learners by Parragon

Last week we were sent three books from the new Little Learners range to have a look at. Parragon Books are releasing this brand new range of colourful, playful and interactive books for babies and toddlers and they are designed in seven formats: Slide and See Books, Finger Puppet Books, Touch and Feel Board Books, Foam Books, Bath Books, Cloth Books and Stroller Books.

Holly has quite a lot of books and I love buying new ones for her. Ever since she was tiny we gave bought her a wide range of books, so is familiar with many different styles. We were sent 'I Can Share' a Slide and See Book, 'Touch and Feel Animals' and the foam book 'Night Night' .When I opened the books I was immediately taken by their design. They just looked lovely in pastel blues and greys, you can tell they are made to a high standard. H was drawn to the foam book straight away and sat looking through that, whilst I had a browse at the Touch and Feel book. As I turned each page I was honestly impressed at the quality of the different textures used - from the puppy's furry spots to the sheep's soft wool body. We have owned various touch and feel books but they haven't felt quite like this one. It is my personal favourite. The foam book was quite basic and centred around bedtime. When I saw it I thought it was probably too simple to keep H's attention for long, however I was wrong and it is the one she goes back to over and over again.
We were also sent 'I Can Share' which again is really nicely designed and illustrated, teaching your child how to be 'nice' with pages such as 'I can listen to Mummy' (a skill H is yet to master!) or 'I can be patient'. To emphasise each activity, there is a pull out part which further discusses nice things we can do. It is a little old for H at the moment and she doesn't really understand it's message, but she does like the pictures. The pull out parts also seem more sturdy than most books, my little girl does not have the most delicate of touches!

Overall I think these books are a really nice addition to anyone's collection and with the seven ranges, they cover any age from 0-2 years. If you are looking for a quality book without a hefty price tag I would definitely recommend these books, I think I might be looking out for the bath book next myself!

The Little Learners range will continue with more titles planned for August 2012 and March 2013, including gift sets. The full range is available at all major retailers including Tesco, WH Smith, Sainsbury’s, Amazon and Early Learning Centre with books ranging from £2.99 to £6.99.

I was sent the books for review for free, all opinions are my own.


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