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From This Moment… Things I have learnt in the last 17 months by Kate of Crafts On Sea

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I love a good birth story (or in my case, a slightly hair raising, bragging rights in the pub birth story), but as I recently blogged mine I thought I’d write about the things I’ve learnt since having my son, Jacob, 17 months ago. Typically none of these were in any of the baby books I actually read.

I really value having a shower.
One of the books I did read was Jo Frost’s guide. Don’t ask me why I read the bit on having twins (I was probably stuck breastfeeding at the time) in which she tells you that when you have babies you need to decide what’s important, and is it really important that you have a shower? Umm, yes it is Jo. The first couple of weeks you basically leak continually out places you don’t want to be leaking out of. It may not have been the first thing I did everyday (that was check the clock and think oh my lord, is it really this early?) but pre-baby I never valued the luxury of ten minutes in the shower, hopefully with some peace and quiet too.

Baptism by baby.
Yes, I knew you were supposed to change nappies quickly, but no, I did not realise that if I didn’t do it quickly enough my beloved son would wee in my face. Quite regularly, as it happens.

Good toys do not come from Early Learning Centre.
That’s where I always used to buy stuff from for my friends with kids, making sure as well that the recommended age EXACTLY matched the age of their child. Jacob’s favourite toys are currently the end bit of the hoover, coat-hangers, and as a special treat, any tampax he can find hanging around. Nice.

I should keep my mouth shut.
Everything I said I was absolutely, definitely, going to do seemed to be designed to make me look like an idiot two weeks later. There was no way I would breastfeed for less than six months became giving up guilt ridden at five weeks. Only doing Baby Led Weaning became slavishly reading the pages of Annabel Karmel and those wotsit crisps that parents convince themselves are OK because they are ‘organic’ and ‘carrot’ and which I would never feed my child are the thing he cried until I gave him a packet of this morning.

If you can’t keep adult socks in pairs, don’t think you’ll have any more joy with baby ones.

Soft play etiquette
Apparently, when at a soft play centre and someone else’s evil brat child smacks your child in the face it is not the done thing to yell at that child for being a spiteful whatsit with no manners. Even though your child is now crying. And evil brat child looks like it could do with a proper telling off. I am, ahem, not good at this. And should probably keep my mouth shut.

Not only will you worry that your child will eat the cat biscuits, there is a stage when if your child hasn’t eaten them yet, you will start to worry if there’s something wrong with them.
I can tell a Phil and Ted’s from an Out and About at 100 meters. If I ever go on Mastermind, it’s going to have to be on spotting buggy brands from afar.

That your heart just gets bigger.
Before we had Jacob my husband was warned that once we had a child our relationship would change and we wouldn’t love each other so much. Rot. Rot of the utterly worst kind. You don’t have a fixed amount of love in your life. Before your child is born you have no idea quite how much you will love them, but that doesn’t mean that you love your partner any less to make room for them, your heart just gets bigger. Before I had our son I had no idea how much more love we would have in our lives.


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