Baby J & Friends

Whilst I was pregnant with Baby J, I become friends with quite a few mummies-to-be who were due at a very similar time to me. I found it great to compare pregnancies, birth stories and now watch our little ones as they develop. As they are all turning, or have turned, three months I thought I would share a little update on all our bubbas.

Time Off

I have been back and forth for a while now about whether or not to take a break from Hollybobbs for a short while. I'm feeling very overwhelmed by everything that is going on at the moment and struggle to find the time to write anything of any real value. So, it is with some sadness I have decided to take a small break. I will continue with my weekly update as its important to me to record these small things and I do have a few reviews to post so Hollybobbs won't be completely silent, however there won't be much else from me. I hope people understand and don't forget about me. I plan on returning at the end of the summer so keep your eyes open.


My Week That Was - Passport Saga & Blogging Crisis

Here we are on Monday again and I am definitely counting down to our holidays in just over two weeks! After the events of the last few months I think we all need a break. Here is how last week went.

My Week That Was - Birthday-Versary

Once again I am late with my weekly update, this is becoming a habit! I'll try and gather my baby brain and remember what we did last week! As always, I am linking up with Katie at Mummy, Daddy & Me.

Pretty.Little.Things - Beautiful Bags

Last week seemed to be a popular week at Pretty.Little.Things - you were all fighting to show off your water babies! Thanks to all of you who joined in! Vikki and I couldn't choose just one favourite so we were naughty and decided on joint winners! Congratulations to Bex at The Mummy Adventure and Jess at Catch A Single Thought! We loved your water baby pictures and would love you to proudly display the Pretty.Little.Things badge to celebrate!

Pedigree Play Again Challenge

For the next few weeks we (and whne we say 'we' I mean our Jack Russell Terrier, Jasper) are trialling Joint Care+ treats. These are tasty treats given daily, that are proven to target the cause of joint stiffness.

My Week That Was - The Games Begin!

Yes, it's that time of the week again, time for our weekly update! I'm late again due to my laptop spending the week with my dad being fixed, hopefully I'll get back on track next week!


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