Baby J & Friends

Whilst I was pregnant with Baby J, I become friends with quite a few mummies-to-be who were due at a very similar time to me. I found it great to compare pregnancies, birth stories and now watch our little ones as they develop. As they are all turning, or have turned, three months I thought I would share a little update on all our bubbas.

Sydney Robyn
Little girl of Tina from Mother Geek
DOB: 24/6/12
Age: 2 months
Birth Weight: 7lb10oz
Weight Now: 10lb 7oz
She is smiling, cooing, blowing bubbles and reaching for toys.
Hungry Horace!
How are they sleeping?
Better now I have started formula top ups at bedtime
How are they feeding?
She was breast feeding for 18-20 hours a day, every day, and clustering from 1am-5am every night. I introduced formula top ups in the evenings & now she is sleeping from around 8pm-11pm (she has a 4oz bottle here) then sleeps 1am-4am, breast fed here 4.30am-9am. I breast feed her all day.
Tell me about your/their best moment so far.
I love seeing her watching her big brother. Her eyes follow him round the room!

Little boy to Emma from Me, The Man & The Baby
DOB: 6/5/12
Age: 3 1/2 months
Weight Now: Was 10lb at 8 weeks. Not had him weighed since.
Can smile and has now started giggling.
Always happy, total opposite to what his brother was at that age. I love how content he is in between feed times.
How are they sleeping?
He sleeps through, again opposite to his brother. He'll go down around 9 and awake about 5/6ish for a feed and then goes back down until 9. I have lazy boys which seem to take after their father.
How are they feeding?
The breastfeeding is going fantastically, after a rocky start I now cant imagine feeding him any other way.
Tell me about your/their best moment so far.
Only this morning he had my heart melting when he was gurgling to the sound of his daddy's voice on the phone.

Paige Ellen
Little girl to Nicola from Nicola...Life Through My Eyes
DOB: 17/05/2012
Age:  3 1/2 months
Weight Now: Last weighed at 13 weeks and was 15lb 13oz
Paige dribbles all the time, holds head very steady, can stand alone supported (just holding hands) for ages and loves every second, bounces in her door bouncer, looks for you when you disappear out of sight, shakes her rattle, She clearly gets excited, sucks her thumb properly.
Very calm, happy baby. Hardly cries. I feel very lucky!
How are they sleeping?
She slept from 8:30 - 7am last night!!! Now sleeping in a sleeping bag and is no longer swaddled. Her startle reflex is completely gone!
How are they feeding?
Paige eats 5oz every 3 hours.
Tell me about your/their best moment so far.
The best moment for me so far is been able to make Paige laugh and smile. Its about time someone found me funny!!

Little boy to Kelle of Maggie Stone Vintage
DOB: 7th June 2012
Age: 2 1/2 months
Weight Now: 8lbs 4 ozs
I guess the most significant milestone so far is his contagious smiles! I can't get enough of them and often find myself laying next to him stealing as many smiles, coo's and kisses that i can when I should be cleaning! The housework can wait though, he's not going to be this little for long and I know too well how quickly these precious months fly by!
Fraser is one laid back and happy little mister! Him and his big sister Harriet are like chalk and cheese although he certainly let's you know when he's hungry and works himself up into a bit of a pickle if he has to wait for a feed! He also likes to fuss when me and the mister sit down for dinner - no matter what time it's like an alarm goes off and he's awake and wanting a cuddle!
How are they sleeping?
Thankfully this little chap only wakes up once in the night for a feed and has done since birth! He's really good at self settling and i still find it amazing that he just falls back asleep when i lie him down! I'm thinking of moving him in to his cotbed soon as he likes to spread himself out and every morning his arm is hanging out his crib so hoping the extra space will result in even longer sleeps - last night he went 7 hours so we're getting there!
Tell me about your/their best moment so far.
My best moments are without a doubt watching Harriet with her new baby brother! She's been so loving, gentle and kind to our newest family member and it still melts my heart watching her chat away and kiss him whilst he just smiles away at her!

Baby J

DOB: 28th May 2012
Age: 3 months
Birth Weight: 7lb 4oz
Weight Now: 13lbs 6oz
He actually rolled from his back to his tummy the other day! I think it was a fluke though. He is very alert and holding his head up quite well. We have tried in the Bumbo a few times.
He is a lot harder work than H was, however he is quite a happy chappy most of the time. He certainly lets you know when he's not though!
How are they sleeping?
He usually goes down around 8.30pm then is up at 4 or 5am for a feed then sleeps until 7.30am.
Tell me about your/their best moment so far.
Watching the two children together is amazing, he follows his big sister everywhere with his eyes. I cant wait to watch them grow together.


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