My Holiday Wishlist

Its five weeks we go away on our first family holiday! We are going to stay with my parents in a bungalow next door to theirs in Spain. I am so excited to finally get away (it has been three years since our last holiday and as a gal that is used to one a year that's a long time) and to make our own little family holiday memories, I simply cannot wait! In fact I've already started packing a few bits! So I've decided to put together a little holiday wishlist, well I can dream can't I?!

A Pink Lining changing bag. Every yummy mummy dreams of these beautiful bags. Not only would this one match my lovely summery dresses, it would make the perfect travel bag!

A Trunki. I've always had a little crush on these since they first came out, before I even had children. I think they are such a cute idea, plus they keep the kids entertained in the airport! I particularly love the Ladybug one named Harley!

A Phil and Teds Explorer with double kit. Considering it was only eighteen months since we spent a considerable amount on H's pram, we couldn't really do the same again and so had to buy a budget double buggy. As the buggy will be a vital component of our holiday I would love to own this fantastic double buggy so that both children could travel in style and comfort.

A maxi dress that fits. Being 4ft10 I always struggle to find a long dress that doesn't trip me up with the yards of extra fabric around my ankles! Even petite dresses are too long. It doesn't help now that I'm in a size ten as they are even longer! If anyone has any suggestions on a bright maxi dress that might actually fit, bring them on! Or maybe I should just hire Kylie's stylist!

A pair of Birkenstocks. I have always secretly admired these popular shoes from afar but never actually owned any. This may be the time to rectify that.

Some Cath Kidston children's clothes. I have only recently discovered the very popular Cath Kidston and I have to say I'm in love. There are some gorgeous clothes on the website that I would love to buy H in particular, this skirt is just too cute!

Nice underwear. Since my section I have been wearing the granny knickers of all granny knickers - size sixteen with waists so high they nearly strangle me. Not very sexy. I am slowly getting back into normal underwear but after only buying comfy knicks for some time my selection is slightly tired (and greying). The same goes for my bras - plus I really need to be measured. My boobs have changed in size that many times lately (we're talking D to F to C to DD to get the point) I'm not sure which letter of the alphabet I need to be coveting anymore!

The Fantasy List

A bikini bod. After two kids my stomach isn't exactly washboard, more like marshmallow. I would love to wear a swimsuit and once again feel sexy. I fear this is a long way off.

A decent haircut. Considering I barely have time to wash nowadays, getting my hair done is a long shot. But it would be nice to have more than a bedraggled mop on my head for my hols.

A pair of Louboutin's. As I fulfilled my lifelong dream of owning a pair of Manolo's two years ago (thank you Mr H!), I think it's about time the next designer shoe on the list was purchased. And what better excuse than when I go on holiday?!

So there is my holiday wishlist (not checklist!). What are your dream vacation items?


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