Mummy Tummy Memoirs: Week Two

Well according to last week's figures I have lost a whopping 5lb in one week! However I am more inclined to believe that last week I mis-weighed myself and was actually 2lb lighter. So my actual starting weight should have been 8st 5lb. That still means I lost 3lb in one week which I am pretty impressed with! Especially considering I really didn't do the amount of exercise I planned to and only managed to fit in two proper walks and the odd bit here and there. Still, something must have worked - maybe switching from my holiday eating of very rich and yummy foods to a mainly fish, low carb an weigh watcher's snacks regime lead to such a huge weight loss all at once. Either way, it's fine by me! Comparing the photos my stomach doesn't look to have gone down, in fact it looks more bloated? However I have lost a little around my waist and hips so things are heading the right way. Onward and upwards!

Please do share your own journeys below, I would love to read how things are going for you!


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