Moving House

Last Friday we moved into our beautiful new house. After moving seven times in the last six years (three of those moves being around 5000 miles!) we are determined this one will be the house that lasts!

Mummy Tummy Memoirs: Week Ten

As we are due to move house next Friday things have been a little crazy in the H household, which explains me missing a week! I have only lost 1lb in those two weeks (although I swear when I stepped on the scales a couple of days ago I was a lb less than today!), but after losing 2lb in a week last time I expected it to be a bit slower. I just have to think that things are going the right way, even if its a bit slow at times.

A Lovely Evening

I usually find evenings a difficult time - Little H is often cranky as she gets wound up for bed time and we often end up sat watching Mickey Mouse for a couple of hours, waiting for bed time to arrive.

However tonight has been quite a nice evening. H had her tea and then snuggled with me on the sofa for a bit (getting her to sit still for five minutes
Is a rarity) whilst Mr H fed Baby J. She then sat with her daddy and they played together whilst Baby J bounced along in his Jumperoo.

It wasn't anything special, but those are the best moments. The quiet, happy moments that make you feel completely content.

Mummy Tummy Memoirs - Week Eight

This week has been a bit of a strange one. As Mr H has been on some crazy crash diet for a month now it has been easier to maintain my own healthy eating as there has been no temptations around me. However after a trip to A&E in the early hours of Wednesday morning after Mr H collapsed at work (he is fine now, however it served as a much-needed wake-up call for his extreme weight-loss), his diet is out the window. Time to discover a bit more willpower as he scoffs Creme Eggs and McDonald's next to me. However we have all also had some sort of stomach flu and I haven't really eaten properly for a couple of days, which I think contributes to my 2lb weight loss this week. I just hope it doesn't affect next week's weigh-in!


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