I Can See Clearly Now!

Twenty four hours ago I achieved a lifetime ambition.

I had surgery which would mean I could throw away the glasses I had worn for 25 years. Since I had been a teenager and known about the procedure, I was determined I would have it.

Ewan the Dream Sheep Review

Two weeks ago I would have announced despairingly: Baby J hates his cot. Back then, as soon as he saw it he would scream his head off. I tried everything: stroking his head, a blankie, a nightlight. Nothing would stop the screaming when I place him in the cot I lovingly tried to make a calm place for him to rest his head. In came Ewan.

Little H turns two!

On December 19th our little lady turned two years old! No longer a baby, we now enter the terrible two stage! I can't believe it is two years since that long weekend in America when she finally arrived into our lives.

Well Little H is definitely a strong character and knows her own mind. She can often be found bossing Mummy and Daddy around - 'sit down Daddy' or 'colour Mummy' are common commands! Of course we willingly oblige (usually!). Tantrums are becoming me of an occurrence although she's not as bad as I've heard she could be. She generally throws herself onto the floor and just lays there sulking. Maybe she takes after her mummy a little there? Just lately she has been found nose-first in cupboards and most recently has sneaked a chocolate rabbit out and I found her covered in it. There has also been an incident of being discovered mouth-full with toothpaste when she found her way upstairs without me realising!

She is back to sleeping twelve hours through the night, but now plays until about 8.30 in her room, until she is ready to sleep. This can mean a lie-in for mummy though so who are we to challenge it! We have just started potty training, but as mummy isn't willing to have accidents on her new beige carpet, it is slow going. She has amassed five stickers on her reward chart so far though.

She loves her little brother to bits, although she's not quite as keen when he charges over and grabs all her perfectly lined up toys! She is learning to share though and will give him one of her toys whilst she plays with the rest. Quite often recently I've found them chasing each other or hiding in a den together, giggling away. It is lovely to see them playing together.

We are so proud of our baby girl, and every day I tell her to stop growing up! I do love this age, although it does come with it's trials. She still comes for cuddles, wants me to play with her and has such a childlike innocence and joy with every new discovery. I try to relish all these special moments as I know this stage won't last forever.

Love you, baby girl!


Looking on the Bright Side

On Wednesday I am having surgery. It is something I have wanted to have since I was fourteen. I always felt different and really struggled with the limitations I had. Finally I will be stripped of the frames I have been oppressed by all these years. Yes, I am having laser eye surgery.

A Week In Photos #4


21st - A snow day
22nd - Baby J has a delivery
23rd - Peekaboo!
24th - Muddy puddles
25th - A heavy snowfall
26th - Snow Angels

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Valentines Made Easy!

When I was contacted by Baker Days to see if I would like to review their new 'Letterbox' cakes I could hardly say no! It is no secret I have a huge sweet tooth, with a special fondness for cake! With my recent mummy tummy journey I haven't been eating sweet things very often, but it was for Valentines so who was I to refuse?

High Street Holly

I love dressing my lil lady up in outfits! I went on a shopping trip for myself at the weekend but of course couldn't resist buying a few more additions to her already full wardrobe, and I'm also spying up some new purchases online too!

So I have decided to do a new feature called High Street Holly, where we will show off our recent favourite outfits!

Today's outfit is a gorgeous dress from Baby Gap which H received as a present from one of my friends for Christmas. Owls have been a big trend for a few seasons now and they don't seem to be flying away quite yet. This dress is a really lovely thick knit so teamed with some spotty maroon tights and pigtails the look is simple but lovely! Plus it keeps out the winter chill the UK has recenlty received.

My Week In Photos #3


14th - A busy playdate
15th - Our new playpen keeps these two out of trouble
16th - The only ones crazy to go out in this cold
17th - At soft play with a new friend
18th - Whilst waiting for real snow we made our own
19th - A rare mummys night out
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Snow Day

Well I think we were the last place in England to receive some, but the snow finally found us! Here are a few photos from our play in the snow.

Happy Snow Day everyone!


I love my bed. There I said it.

A Week In Pictures


Should Eateries Teach Child Friendly Health & Safety?

There's nothing that us mummies like but a good old child-related rant! I for one am a great fan of my soap box, in fact it's getting a little tattered by now! So when I raised the issue of child safety I got a fair few replies from mummies not satisfied with the standards they had experienced.

It all started after a visit to a pub today when we met Mr H for lunch. When the friendly waitress brought our meals over she placed my plate in front of Little H, well within grabbing reach. This annoys me as it is as we all know a toddler will grab food as soon as they see it, and quite often throw it on the floor, or me! But when I touched the plate to move it, it was pretty hot and could have burnt her hands had she grabbed it properly.

This is not the first time I have witnessed this nor is it the only example of what one twitter friend, Laura at The Life and Times of the Working Mum, feels it is a 'lack of common sense' and surely it is quite obvious that babies and hot items do not mix? I have seen hot food and drinks passed over a baby's head, sharp metal cutlery specifically placed where the child is sitting and the most frequent culprit - mine or Mr H's drinks placed in front of either Little H or Baby J, ready for grabbing/spilling/smashing.

It makes me wonder why the safety of children doesn't seem to be addressed during staff training? I realise a lot of the staff tend to be young and don't have children of their own and so don't realise the dangers, this is why I believe they should be trained to realise. A hot drink or sharp knife can easily cause a serious accident for a little one who doesnt realise the dangers.

As the discussions progressed amongst indignant mums it then went on to wonder why child-friendly eateries don't provide plastic plates and cutlery for children? One of my local pubs actually does do this and go out of their way to help you out, needless to say we are frequent visitors of this establishment due to this! My fellow tweeter, Mumpanel, also pointed out Ikea were good for this too. Karen over at 365 Pearls of Wisom wishes UK places catered for child like those she visited on a trip to Canada - our transatlantic neighbours seem to have realised us mums appreciate these gestures. When you're already lugging a bag full of nappies, wipes, nappy bags, changing mat, toys to keep the kids entertained, bottles and food for the baby not to mention your own purse, phone and car keys, it would be easier not to have to find space for bowls, cups and cutlery too! Between the car seat on one arm and the changing bag on the other my arms resemble those of an Olympic athlete!

So, with that in mind, what are your thoughts? Have you experienced any problems yourself or maybe you have somewhere that has provided great service. Please do share!

A Week In Pictures

Before Baby J arrived I joined in with the lovely Katie at Mummy, Daddy & Me with her My Week That Was linky. However I completely got out of sync with it, which I am quite sad about. I do find it hard to keep up with it every week as I don't always find the time so have decided, when I get the chance, just to do a photo update of my favourite photos from the week, or month. So here is my last couple of weeks in photos - the Christmas Holidays.

New Year, New Resolutions?

With the arrival of another year, I like to look back at the events of the last twelve months. So much has happened this year, here are a few blog posts that highlights our ups and downs.


Time is running away with me
Seems like yesterday you came to be
As I laid there in that hospital bed
And grasped your fingers, kissed your head

Time is running away from me
I swear its minutes since two became three
The seasons change and the wind blows wild
But my heart beats for yours, my darling child

Time is running away from me
As we extend our family tree
When those big blue eyes look up to mine
I fear for the day you no longer rely

I feel like time is slipping away
My heart stumbles with each new day
As you grow and learn to one day fly
Oh how time can pass you by



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