Ewan the Dream Sheep Review

Two weeks ago I would have announced despairingly: Baby J hates his cot. Back then, as soon as he saw it he would scream his head off. I tried everything: stroking his head, a blankie, a nightlight. Nothing would stop the screaming when I place him in the cot I lovingly tried to make a calm place for him to rest his head. In came Ewan.

I heard about him via the well-versed medium of Twitter and was lucky enough to receive one for review. As I took him out of his box he seemed lovely - super soft and fleecy, just like a cuddly toy, but he also lights up and plays a variety of melodies. When I investigated further (I've never been one for instructions!) I found he played lullabies, the relaxing sound of water, a vacuum cleaner and a harp all with a replica of mummy's heartbeat. He also has different settings including quiet and loud, a timer and with his Velcro strap he can hang from a cot or buggy as well as holding a dummy or teether so you don't lose those essential items.

When I did eventually read further I discovered the heartbeat and womb sounds are actual recordings, not computer generated, which I think is pretty impressive. I also learnt the sounds were trialled on different babies and toddlers to find the most effective ones to aid sleep. In fact Ewan is helping children as old as seven the world-over to get to sleep! Ewan has won various awards including Gift of the Year 2011 and gold in the Practical Parenting Awards 2011/2012 and he comes highly recommended by various mummy celebrities. Would he be able to help Baby J?

At first Baby J wasn't completely receptive to Ewan and I wondered whether he could really work his magic on my awkward little man. Cut to two weeks later and the improvement is amazing. He now will go down in his cot with only a little whimper, and as soon as Ewan is switched on he turns over and shuts his eyes. I honestly cannot believe the difference. The light helps him feel he's not on his own, and the sounds seem to calm him completely. His favourite sound seems to be the rain and I find it lovely to listen to myself when I stand next to him as he has his nighttime bottle.

For those having problems settling their little one to sleep, I would definitely suggest giving Ewan a go. Ewan retails at £39.99 and for the features you get I think this is a great price. He can be bought online at Sweetdreamers where you can also download Ewan's new IOS game.

*I have been sent this product for free to review, however all opinions are my own.


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