Baby J's Christening

Today my little man had his christening. It was a lovely day, but although it had been booked for months it seemed to come upon us all at once and I was making decorations up until the last minute!

My mum's friend made a cake for him, so I took the theme from there and used baby blue decorations and bought a tablecloth and paper plates to match. After putting out a 'help' plea on Twitter the lovely Annee Apple offered to design some printable bunting for me, which I gratefully accepted. Lucy at Capture By Lucy then told me of a quick tutorial to make paper pin wheels. These were so easy to make, and although a bit fiddly in places I was quite pleased with the result. Compared to H's christening my decorating effort was a bit minimal, but that is often the way at the moment.

J was christened at our local church, the same as H was christened at, with the lovely vicar who walks them around the church, introducting to the family. Everyone then gathered at our house for food and chat. I thought our house was a good size, it turns out if you throw 30 people in the mix its a bit of a squeeze! Trying to serve food and drinks was a challenge, but it was a lovely afternoon and J got some very thoughtful gifts.

The best part, though, was seeing my little man all dressed up (along with Grandad!)


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