Star of the Sea

Last weekend I was devastated to hear the news that a fellow blogger had lost her nine month old little girl. Jennie at Edspire tweeted

"Our beautiful daughter Matilda Mae was taken from us last night to join the angels in the sky x RIP Beautiful angel daughter x We love you x"

And with those few words the blogging community was heartbroken. Heartbroken for such a young life to be taken. Heartbroken for our friend. Heartbroken at the family whose lives it has devastated. Heartbroken at the unjustice of it all.

Anyone who knew Jennie knew her love for her children. Matilda Mae was no different. She was a bright, sprakly eyed little girl who many of us had followed the life of throughout Jennie's pregnancy and until the day she died.

A lot of people don't understand the blogging world. I joined it to make a memory of my children's lives that I and them can keep forever. However in joining the online blogging community I made many friends as we shared our ups and downs and journeys with our babies, often discussing things we could never discuss with anyone else. I cannot say Jennie had been a close friend but we had spoken, our babies were only a few weeks apart, and the loss of Matilda Mae came as a huge shock.

Over the last few days the family have not left my thoughts. Having a child of my own a similar age, it has touched me greatly and I have wanted to find a way to offer my support, in the small way I can.

I originally decided to have a balloon release, however this brought on several envinronmental issues. After much consideration I have now decided to release flowers as a tribute to Matilda Mae. As Mae means 'Star of the Sea' I thought it only fitting that the flower sbe released at the beach, and we will see how far the love for Matilda Mae can travel.

There is a donate button at the top right of the page and I am asking for people to sponsor a flower. It's quite simple to do and you can sponsor as much or little as you can. Jennie is a member of Bliss, a charity for premature and sick babies, so I felt it only fitting that anything I raised should go to them.

Matilda Mae has shown how many lives she touched, demonstrated in the amount of messages, photos and posts sent in the last few days. I hope that I can raise even just a small amount in honour of that beautiful little girl who was taken from her family far too soon.


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