Matilda Mae's Flower Release

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I had a special way planned to celebrate it. Over the last few weeks I have been raising money in memory of Matilda Mae - the little girl who tragically passed away at nine months old. I approached the day with some trepidation - would I be able to make it the special event I had hoped for and would I be able to honour Matilda and her mummy sufficiently?

I had planned to let the flowers go at Formby Beach, however the weather wasn't good and both children weren't feeling well, so instead I went to my local Country Park where there is a reservoir. I set off to the quieter side of the reservoir and my husband guided me to a part close to the water where it was sheltered. It was a very windy day, however once we got to the right spot it calmed down and was really peaceful.

I gently placed the flowers one by one into the water and watched them float away in the wind. At first they all clung together next to the waters edge, but as they became brave they set off with some gusto. Only one little flower stayed with me near the edge, hovering next to a rock. Eventually it too said it's goodbyes and then made its voyage to join the others.

We said our goodbyes to Matilda and we hoped she liked her flowers. In her memory I raised £178, which has been donated to Bliss Charity.

Thank you so much to all those who donated, I was truly touched to have so many contributions. If you would like to add your donations, please do to Matilda's Precious Star Fund.

I have put together a montage of the photos I took, so all those who contributed could join with me.


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