Live from Britmums Live!

Here I sat, sat in the main room of the Brewery listening to Jane Blackmore talking about Finding Your Voice and amusing us all with her northern humour.

I am here. It's real. The largest blogging event of the year, and I am part of it. Excited doesn't even cover it.

Anyone who doesn't blog doesn't always understand. 'Oh that thing online' or 'I saw your picture on Facebook' are the usual comments, but people here get it. They don't roll their eyes as you sit on your phone constantly (I am currently tweeting, blogging, and making notes) and they know more about you than many do in 'real life'.

So far I have met some fantastic and lovely people, many of whom I've tweeted for over a year and never met. I was anxious that I would have such high expectations of people and wouldn't get on with them, but this hasn't been the case at all, in fact meeting people has only strengthened our friendships. 

I have met brands and began the first stage of building some new and hopefully successful relationships. 

I have listened to some enthralling speakers, laughed, shed a tear and learnt a lot.

Britmums is all I hoped it would be and more. I may have blisters from my stupid new shoes, my shoulders may be aching from lugging all those goody bags around and I may have got no sleep last night, but I am buzzing an a new type of high as I finally feel like I'm finding my path.

Thank you to The Essential One for making this possible.


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