My Story of Mum

Today the Story of Mum virtual exhibition is stopping off at Hollybobbs! The idea behind this is to complete the sentence 'I'm a mum and...', take a photo of yourself and share it with the world!

I came across Story of Mum a while ago and have been discussing taking part since then, however when I met Pippa at Britmums and finally had my photo taken we set a date. I think it's a great concept

Here is my curation, I am a mum and:

After a tough  few months I am finally getting to a place where I am feeling happy and confident about myself. Of course it is a long process and there is still lots more to learn, but for the first time I feel like I am OK to be me.

To continue the exhibition here are a selection of others from the site that I really associated with, which I think says a lot about my current mentality:

 And finally I put together a few images that my I felt represented a future self:




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