Getting Out N About

Back in July I had a fantastic surprise when I heard I had won an Out N About Nipper 360! When it arrived last month I was thrilled, with a bright purple seat and three hefty wheels, it looked pretty good to me!

It is the first three-wheeler I have owned so I was eager to get it set up and give it a try. It was pretty simple to put together and I managed it on my own in about twenty minutes.

Parts pre-assembly - chassis, wheels, seat bar, rain cover, sun cover
Seat cushion
I really love the big chunky wheels and feel the extra-large hood with a peek-a-boo window in is a great addition. The seat is really roomy and has extra padding at the sides too to add that extra comfort, and can be laid back flat when he needs a bit of shut-eye - meaning the buggy can be used from newborn.

Chassis opened
Wheels added

My first outing with the buggy was at the Trafford Centre. I was meeting some friends and was running behind so had to dash from one end to the other to get there. As H is only two and a half she isn't the fastest of walkers so normally this would have been a difficult dash, with me almost pulling her off her feet to try and get her to move, whilst she dawdled about behind me. Imagine my delight when I realised H could easily sit on the front of the buggy! On top of the front wheel is a point where Baby J's feet rest, however if I put his legs at either side there was room for H to sit. This meant with both children on board I could fly across the centre.

The Nipper's first outing (and a sulky H)
And fly I did! It was so lightweight, even with two children on it, and turned about so smoothly, I was honestly impressed. I am only 4ft10 so struggle with the weight of a lot of buggies but this has a lightweight aluminium frame and I could barely feel it underneath my hands. As the wheels are so large and the front turns so smoothly, dashing in and out of people and around the centre was really easy.

Since then I have tried the Nipper in various settings. I have taken it on a long walk down a bridal path, over bumpy ground including large tree branches and through thick mud. It has been fantastic. You can barely feel the uneven ground beneath it, J has a smooth ride and there are no jolts up and down my arms as I push. Going up and down kerbs is easy and most of the time I do not need to lift the front wheel to do so. I even tried cobbles and it was just as smooth. We recently had a short break in Wales and took the Nipper on the beach. Although it was hard to push, I managed to get it through even the thick sand which would have been impossible with any other buggy I've had.

Putting the buggy up and down has a knack to it and it took me a while to get it right, and Mr H still struggles. Once you get it though, it is pretty straightforward. Here is a little video of me demonstrating it, hopefully this makes it a little clearer.

Once folded down, the Nipper is a strange shape, with the chassis bars sticking out at one end.

However I found this made fitting it in my boot a bit easier, as there is a large space between the bars to slide it in. I have a BMW 3 series, so it has a reasonable size boot. The buggy fits in quite well, leaving room for some shopping bags or coats, and we can also fit in an umbrella buggy for H if we feel she will need one. However if you have a small boot it could be a tight fit, so that is definitely something to be aware of. The wheels can be removed, though, which will make it a lot smaller.

The Nipper also comes with a rain cover, bumper bar, shopping pouch as well as storage pockets in the hood. The shopping pouch was a reasonable size and a great place for storing coats or drinks. However once I clipped my nappy bag onto the handle I found it was hard to get to. The pedal brake is a great feature as I usually find taking brakes on and off with buggies can be hit and miss as to how easy it is. With this you simply tip it one way or another to take the brakes on and off and as it is quite chunky even the larger feet can push it without difficulty (as Mr H's size 12's are proof of!).

Overall I absolutely adore this pushchair and now use it for every outing. Here are my thoughts:

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
Padded seat with lots of room
Possible to sit a toddler on the front if needed
Easy pedal brake
Extremely smooth ride even over very rough surfaces
Straightforward to put together

Awkward to put up and down until accustomed
Cannot see brake or shopping bag with nappy bag attached to handlebars
Tight fit in smaller car boots

I highly recommend this buggy it to anyone, it is so easy to push, manoeuvre around tight bends and yet is roomy and comfortable. It was designed to be a multi-purpose buggy able to handle off road as well as a trip to the town. However I feel even if you don't require a buggy for different settings, it is still a great buy. Everyone who has tried the Nipper thinks it is fantastic and I would certainly suggest it to anyone. The Nipper 360 single retails at approximately £170, which I think is a really good price for such a sturdy and robust buggy. If you are looking for a mid-range multi-function pushchair then this one should definitely be on your list.

*I won this buggy in a competition, however I was not asked to write a review and all opinions are my own.


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