The Cosatto Zoomi Car Seat Review

I was thrilled when last month we were offered to give the Cosatto Zoomi car seat a try. Whilst J has a really good car seat, H's Britax has not fared so well and we really needed to replace it. I have been a fan of the bright and fun Cosatto brand for a while now and had been eyeing up the Zoomi as the perfect seat.

The Zoomi is a group 123 car seat, suitable from 9 months to 11 years, meaning that for £100 you get a seat that can last your child for years. It is forward facing and is compatible with standard 3-point seat belts for installation. It uses a 5 point safety harness to hold your child in and once your child is old enough this can be removed to convert it into a booster seat.

The Zoomi comes in 4 designs and we went for the Little Monster pattern as, for starters, I loved it! I don't tend to go for blue or pink when it comes to larger purchases as they get swapped and changed so much it's better if they are neutral, so the green, black and white design of this one suited us well.

When it arrived I was keen to get it installed in the car and put to the test. Mr H was set the challenge of putting it together and looking at the instructions it seemed pretty straight forward.

For some reason, though, he couldn't quite figure out how the seat attached to the booster part. I managed to do it straight away though, so I think it just needed a women's perspective! Here's a video of him putting it together:

The seat looks lovely and conformable. It is well padded and has little arms, which I really like. The head rest fits around the head and is adjustable and it comes with a seat liner and tummy and chest pads to make sure nothing rubs.

There are  few little parts for me that were on the negative side. The seat belts are the more flimsy side, and so get easily twisted in the buckle and under the protective pads. This can make it a bit of nuisance as sometimes they need untwisting before you can fasten it, so if you are in a rush it's a pain. Also for some reason in this seat more than others, H's head flops forward at an uncomfortable angle when she falls asleep. Her head doesn't seem to lean against the headrest as you would expect, so I don't know if these need to be slightly larger or maybe closer to the head. I know fellow reviewers at My Two Mums purchased a neck pillow for their little one, which resoled this problem.

Those are my only bug bears though. Other than that H seems very happy in the seat, she loves the design and now J is not allowed to sit in it, as it is firmly hers. It is lightweight so easy to transfer to Mr H's car when required, and it clips in and out of the seat belt with no fuss. One thing that we'd found in H's previous seat was that it was very low down and she couldn't see out of the window. This has been rectified with the Zoomi and we can now play I-spy and include things outside the car!

For £100 you really can't go wrong with this car seat. Other comparable seats usually start at £150 so I think it's a fantastic buy, plus you get something that's well thought out, fun and bright that your children will want to use.

For a bit of fun, here's Mr H putting together the Zoomi, take one:

*I received the car seat in return for this review, however all opinions are my own


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