Hollybobbs Best Bits for 2013

With 3 days to go until the arrival of 2014, I thought I would share Hollybobbs' most popular posts. So here are the top five most read posts...

Five. 30 Weeks Pregnant With Baby Boy. I noticed a while ago that this regularly popped up on my stats page when I inevitably checked my weekly views. I'm not sure quite why 30 weeks is more popular than any of the other eight months of hearing about my moaning, pregnant self, but nevertheless you seemed to enjoy it! Filled with tales of weight gain, inability to breathe and my VBAC decision, it makes for an interesting read!

Four. Round & Round The Garden #2. My garden series is one of this year's favourites, so I'm thrilled you all liked it too! The second week saw a massive transformation from wasteland to turf, decking and the first sneak peek at those tyres!

Three. Matilda Mae's Flower Release. It wouldn't be right if my top five posts didn't mention Matilda Mae. I was devastated when a fellow blogger's little girl passed away from SID's aged nine months in February. Baby J was a similar age and it really brought home how short life is. I really wanted to do something, just a small token, to show Jennie that I was thinking of her and maybe raise a little money for her charity. So here I share the flower release I did in Matilda's memory.

Two. Star of the Sea. This was the post I wrote a week after Matilda Mae died. I share my shock, my love for the blogging community and my plans for the flower release. I was blown away at how many people read this post and it still chokes me up when I read it back.

And at number one.... Kiddy Guardianfix Pro 2 Review. Who doesn't love a good review? I have been so lucky to receive some fantastic products over the last 12 months to try out and the Kiddy was one of our top ones. Oh and there's also some obligatory children-asleep-in-the-car-shots that are priceless!

And just for a little extra sparkle, here are my top three posts, that I loved writing, that meant something to me or that I just felt shared a little bit of my heart.

Three. The Yorkshire 3 Peaks. In July I attempted to walk the Yorkshire 3 Peaks with two friends and, whilst it wasn't a complete success, it was one of the largest challenges I have ever undertaken and I feel immensely proud of myself.

Two. Your Daddy. I often write about difficult times and mention how much Mr H does for us all. In this post I wanted to make a record for my children of just how amazing he is.

One. I Am Not Supermum. A very recent post, and one that seemed to touch a chord with lots of you out there. An admission and an attempt at acceptance that I am not perfect.

So here's to another year, hopefully with a few more ups than downs, but no less interesting!


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