Childhood Chic: #4

We've been enjoying some new purchases in this week's Childhood Chic. I am really enjoying exploring some new brands and styles for the children, even if they are fed up of me constantly taking their photos!

Some happy smiles for these shots, which I love! J's top from Tesco Clothing and H's jumper is from Pumpkin Patch.

I looooove this skirt on H - I bought it a while ago but she has such a slim waist it only just fits. It is from the fantastic Alternatots and I also bought J a matching pair of trousers. Her top is from Pumpkin Patch.

Daddy dressed J that day and I think he did a great job! His tee is from Nutmeg at Kiddicare and shirt is from George at Asda.

This gorgeous jumper of H's is from Nutmeg at Kiddicare - I love the bright colours and teamed with her Next hi-tops it looks fab!

Some more Nutmeg clothing with these Aztec print leggings, teamed with her Baba & Boo top.

I had to share this shot of J in daddy's scarf! He looks so cute! Also spotted are his Clarks shoes, although they are getting a bit small now.

I've now created a childhood chic button so if you want to join me in sharing your children's style posts, let me know!


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