Childhood Chic #6

I've not been taking as many Childhood Chic photos over the last month, but that hasn't stopped me buying! With the recent H&M sale and a trip to Tesco's the children's black, white and greys are growing! Here are our recent favourite photos.

I love J's lion top from Next! H is wearing her new Bluezoo top from my recent Debenhams shop.

After having them on my wishlist for a while I finally decided to go for some Salt City Emporium purchases. These are J's elephant print Harlem pants, which are pretty fab. Check back soon to see H's leggings!

After a trip to Tesco's with my mum I couldn't resist these - the zebra print dress was reduced to £6 and J's tops were £4 and £6.

Another day, another shop - this were my H&M online buys. I love the dress in particular, H wore it to a christening at the weekend and it was gorgeous on too. I also bought them some grey hi-tops each for £7 and H some more long sleeved tops.

Here is H modelling one of the above tops along with some old H&M trousers and her new hi-tops. Little poser!

What have you been styling your little ones in lately? I'd love to hear about your purchases!


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