Giveaway: Smile Brilliant

I've always had pretty good teeth. Apart from an odd filling or two I rarely need much dentistry. Not being a fan of the dentist, I am grateful for that. I have however had my teeth whitened once by my sister, who is a Dental Hygienist. Whilst I thought the experience was a positive one, going to the dentist in general always makes me feel a bit anxious. There are now lots of at-home teeth whitening kits around, which is great news for me! Smile Brilliant are one such company who create custom-fitted bleaching trays and professional strength bleaching gel for many dentists and now allow clients to have their teeth professionally whitened without a visit to the dentist!

They have very generously offered one lucky reader the chance to win one of their LED Light + Pen's. An effective teeth whitening product at a great cost, you simply paint the gel on with the pen and use the tray and light to whiten your teeth! All it takes is 20-40 minutes! If you'd like to win one of these, simply follow the Rafflecopter below!

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