Me & Mine - January

dear beautiful
As last year drew to a close I decided I would commit to join in with the Me & Mine linky, sharing a monthly photo of our family. This month's was actually taken this evening, so I have cheated a little bit, but we are yet to get into the habit of taking photo with all four of us in!

Tonight we were sat down at the table all together, which is rare as with Mr H returning home late most nights we rarely have family tea's. It was nice to all sit together as a family.

I also had lit a candle in memory of Matilda Mae, so this photo is extra special to me.

None of us are dressed up, and we're a bit weary around the edges, but we are sat together enjoying a family meal. Something I'm well aware not everyone has the chance to enjoy.

We may have our ups and downs, our sad times, our arguments, but we are together and we are lucky.


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