The Great British Summer with Joules

I absolutely love supporting UK brands and country clothing brand Joules are definitely one of those that spring to mind. Having been around for over 30 years they certainly know their stuff, and are a brand that are consistently producing new and exciting products that keep their customers returning for more.

BlogCamp UK 2014

Yesterday myself and 150 fellow bloggers attended the Tots100 BlogCamp UK in Birmingham. I had never been to one of the Tots days before and was nervously looking forward to the day. I travelled down on the train from Manchester with Pippa, Jen and Catherine and we all had a good natter, whilst giving our top questions for Pippa, who was running the Blogger session.

A big thanks to the lovely Catherine who made me smile all day!

Our Easter Weekend

I'm not one for making a huge deal of Easter, buying lots of toys, baskets and putting out Easter bunny footprints. To me, that should be reserved for Christmas. However I do love Easter for the long weekend and the chance to spend time with family and friends.

Sleep & M.E.

Sleep. It's my best friend and my worst enemy. I have always been a big sleeper, right from being born I believe and into my teens I could sleep the day away if only my mum would allow it!

Sunshine Therapy

Finally Spring is here! It feels like it has been a long winter stuck indoors - of course it has been pretty mild really but when my ME flared up over Christmas I feel like we've been trapped inside ever since.

This week Mr H has taken a few days off work and it has been lovely having him around. On Wednesday we met up with some friends and went to a local hall, Haigh Hall. The grounds there are lovely and there were some rides and inflatables set up also.

Little Fun Fest 2014

This year we were very lucky to be chosen as one of the 'Bloggers Extroardinaire' for Little Fun Fest, which took place at Red House Farm. I had heard about the event last year and so was thrilled to be one of the fifteen chosen to attend the event, and really looking forward to a rare day out with the children.

Dear Neil

I have put off writing this post since we found out about your death two weeks ago. I really do not know how to put all I want to say into words. How do you say goodbye when a life was cut short far too soon? I just do not know how.


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