Take The Stress Out Of Party Planning

I always find myself excited but also a little anxious when birthdays are coming up. Excited to celebrate and cherish that special day with my little one, but also anxious about coordinating the whole thing. Most of our friends now have children so along with adults and kids we make quite a large and rowdy bunch. Add to that the in-laws, aunts and uncles and the whole thing becomes a bit chaotic.

That's not to mention picking a theme, planning decorations, making a cake and buying present! So how can you make it personal without losing the plot? Here's some top tips:

* Finding inspiring craft tools and items can be quite a daunting process, especially if you are not quite sure what you want to make for your child’s first birthday. Making sure you look at online stores like Craft Superstore for ideas and products is a good way of starting the creative juices flowing and getting an idea of what you can buy to create your DIY masterpieces.

*Creating little treasures or personalised items for your child’s first birthday can really help to remember their special day. Anything from a small hand print and birthday date of your little one in a frame, to a photo signing set up for friends and family to leave a message. You could also place a beautiful photo of your little one in the middle. This would be a fantastic keepsake to frame and hang in your child’s nursery to remind you of their first birthday party.

*Balloons are a good way of decorating your home for a child’s first birthday party - check out this easy tutorial for ice cream balloons by adding a cone to the bottom of the balloon! They are such a unique idea and you do not need balloon making talents to create them. You can theme the colours to the sex of your child or if there is a party theme.

*A simple idea of having a photo display up on the wall in the shape of a number one is a great little way to personalise your child’s first birthday and although they will not realise what you have done, if you make it a yearly tradition then it is something that you can share amongst the family each year.

*Decorating the little one’s high chair is also a great idea for something unique, try high chair bunting around the edges of the tray and create a matching crown for the birthday Prince or Princess for some  cute finishing touches which will make for a great first birthday photo.

*Thank you cards are rising in trend and popularity. Over the past couple of years they are getting more and more personalised, steering away from a thank you note that you had in a booklet to a printed post card with a cute photo of the birthday child and a thank you note scribed across the front in a curly font. However, you don't have to be technically minded to make these photo cards, you could get basic photos printed that you want to use and make your own mountable cards that say thank you on them. Or how about a simple handprint?


These are just a few tips to get your started, but there are mountains of ideas out there. Pinterest is one of my go-to resources when I am party planning so give it a try!

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