This Year's Reality

It's getting the that time of year when everyone goes banana's for reality TV. Beginning with Britain's Got Talent, we then go right through to Christmas with Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor, I'm a Celebrity and Dancing on Ice. I do love a bit of reality and for years I was a huge Big Brother fan, even down to watching the live streaming into the wee hours.

I have to say one show that has recently caught everyone's attention is Eurovision. Myself and my sister have been fans of this since we were little and would love trying to sing along to the subtitles, joining in the camp dance moves and casting our votes. However I think much of the country has found it to all be a bit of a farce and have chosen not to bother. So I was surprised this year when my twitter and facebook feeds were full of Euro frenzy!

Of course, one of the main topics of conversation being drag queen Conchita Wurst's win. Whilst some will argue she didn't have the best song and wasn't the best singer, is that really what Eurovision is about anyway? With all the political voting and crazy acts that dominate the stage, it's hardly the Grammys is it? I did find it extremely interesting though, how far things have come that we are now in  time where a bearded drag queen can be voted by nations as the European winner. Surely that must say something about the progress that has been made in diminishing sexual prejudices.

On a lighter note, I have been enjoying Britain's Got Talent this year. I always love David Walliams, although sometimes his choices for best act is dubious, he really does bring some light-hearted entertainment. And whilst I wouldn't say Amanda Holden is my cup of tea, she does have some fair points from time to time. By the end of the series I am usually in agreement with the winners - I loved Diversity and Attraction - however there are so many acts on there I certainly wouldn't want to be in the judges place.

This week I was challenged by Mecca Bingo to choose my all time favourite acts from the previous series', so without further ado here they are - I wonder what type of act will win this year!

Susan Boyle

Whilst she's not someone whose records I'm going to be downloading anytime soon, there's no question that Susan can sing. And I was so blown away during her first audition, she certainly took the sneer off Simon Cowell's face.


I do love a good vocal group and ex-buskers Luminites were a great one for me last year. It was a shame they only came fifth, and I believe they have now split, but I guess that's the way for a lot of acts who don't make it.

Twist and Pulse

I do love a good dance act and these guys were so much fun. They came second in 2011 and have since performed in China and broken a Guinness World Record!

Shaheen Jafargholi

How this twelve year old singer only came seventh place is beyond me, as he had an incredible voice. Since the show he has sung in LA at a Michael Jackson memorial service, which is pretty amazing.


The electric string quartet who came fourth in George Sampson's series were fantastic. I really admire anyone who plays an instrument and I think the fact they signed a £1.5 million deal with BMG is proof of their talent.

Did you have any favourites that you thought should have won, and will you be watching this year?

*This post is in association with Mecca Bingo.


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