Britmums Live 2014: My Highlights

Last week seven hundred parent bloggers swooped on London and into The Brewery for the biggest blogging conference of the year. It is an event we all look forward from the day the tickets are released and plan down to the last minute.

Britmums Live 2014 Main Room

Cosatto's #NewStuff Celebration & A Giveaway!

Yesterday a few of us were invited to the always-fun HQ over at Cosatto. It is so nice to have a brand based in the north that we can actually go visit, get to know and spend some time with and I'm very fortunate to have formed a lovely relationship with them.

The Cosatto Ooba PArty

Britmums Live 2014 - My Experience

I don't really know where to begin with this post and I have a feeling it may be a bit of a ramble, so apologies.

On Friday I excitedly hopped on a train down to London once again for the monumental blogging event of the year - Britmums Live. It is the event of the year in our little world and one so many of us look forward to for the full twelve months prior - as soon as we book our tickets the day they go on sale and set a reminder in our phone for the date train tickets become available. It is a day that sees hundreds of us plan our outfits, glam ourselves up and flock upon the Brewery in London. We all sit in a room, side by side, cry, laugh and learn together and our community becomes strengthened with every word and every embrace. It is immense.

And this year it all proved too much.

Bathtime With Cuddledry

Funny Girl at Bathtime

Bathtime is one of both the children's favourite times of day, but particularly J, who has always been a water baby. Whilst H can be a bit awkward with water over her face, J will happily splash, swim, soak himself and as we learnt on a recent trip to Wales, throw himself in the swimming pool without any thought!

Holiday Shop Bargains Vlog

Today I have vlogged about my recent holiday bargains, featuring purchases from Mothercare and Matalan - so do have a look!

Home Decor: The Dining Room

Since we moved into our house just over 18 months ago I have gradually been working through my long list of projects. As it was a new build, every room was an empty box for me to have free reign in, however with those little things we call budgets, I am still battling through all the ideas I had right at the start.

I have shared a couple of my project plans, such as those for our living room and Miss H's bedroom, both of which are works in progress, so I thought today I would share our plans for the dining room. Here's a mood board from the things I pinned right at the start:

DIY Interior Ideas Dining Room

An Interview With Baby J

Last month, before J turned two, I did a little interview with him. It's not very long and at just short of two his attention span wasn't very long, but here is a little video with my little man!

Cosatto Troop Car Seat Review

We were thrilled when we were asked to be Cosatto Ambassadors this year. I have admired Cosatto for a long time and even been to a couple of their events, and adore their bright, fun ranges and their positive attitude. From the out-there bold Pixelate print to the gorgeous Babushka dolls, they never fail to push the boundaries and 'save the world from boring baby stuff!'

What I'm Wearing To Britmums 2014

Last year I was so excited about my first time at Britmums Live and planned my outfit for months before! I couldn't believe it when a few people came up to me having read my what I am wearing post, recognising my dress or saying how much they liked the post! So of course this year, I am once more sharing what I will be wearing on the first day.

Me & Mine May

I can't believe May is behind us and we are nearly half way through the year! It has been a busy month for us, ending with Baby J's second birthday, so here is a quick update:

Little Miss H

Our little madam is still exactly that, a bit like the girl who had a little curl in the nursery rhyme - when she is bad she's a nightmare, but when she's good she's such a delight.

This month she has gone into her 'big girl' bed - a mid sleeper decorated with a pink and purple tent and full-on fairy bedding, she absolutely loves it! She tells us the fairies brought it - with a little help from Daddy! She had her first sleepover with one of my friend's little girls and they ate popcorn and watched a film, giggling away at each other. It was so lovely to hear.

She also had a review from nursery this month and we were so proud to hear how well she is doing, they even told us she is ready for school this September, unfortunately being a December baby she will have to wait another year.

Baby Little J

This month saw our little man go into a toddler bed and turn two - the baby days are officially over.

Just like H, he is both a delight and a terror, he is extremely strong willed and stubbornly refuses to do as he is told over and over, and yet one little cheeky grin and my heart melts. He can easily wrap anyone around his little finger and he knows it!

He also is doing very well at nursery and is also ahead in a couple of areas - climbing and feeding! Myself and Mr H couldn't help but laugh as we know what a huge eater he is and he is definitely one for climbing into, over and onto anything he can. Everyone around him cringes with every leap, but I have got used to it now. 

We visited the in-laws caravan in Wales last weekend and took both children swimming and he was in his element, throwing himself in face first without a care. It was both terrifying and hilarious in equal measures and definitely a memory I will treasure!


This month's photo is a bit of a silly one, but I have been persuaded by Mr H it's a keeper! We all decided to pull funny faces, of course Little J wasn't quite sure what that meant!


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