Cosatto Troop Car Seat Review

We were thrilled when we were asked to be Cosatto Ambassadors this year. I have admired Cosatto for a long time and even been to a couple of their events, and adore their bright, fun ranges and their positive attitude. From the out-there bold Pixelate print to the gorgeous Babushka dolls, they never fail to push the boundaries and 'save the world from boring baby stuff!'

We gave their Zoomi Monster Car Seat a try last year, so when we were sent the new Troop I was really excited. This car seat has Isofit and an Impact Shield, so is it that little bit easier for me to fit and I feel assured that my little ones are held in safely behind the padded protective shield. It is quite a big seat, so takes up a lot of room in the car, but with the Isofix bars it was really easy to fix in place and I feel reassured that the children are safely held in tight. If you don't have Isofit don't panic, as it can still be used with the traditional seat belt fastening.

I chose the Pablo design for the Troop and not only do I love it, but so does Little J! I have found him on several occasions admiring the pattern, and even counting the triangles or spotting the colours on it. This can keep him occupied for a good part of our journey, which is great as it means less screaming for a fallen toy!

This seat goes from nine months to twelve years old, so will last you a good few year, and the design reflects that. It is a bit bulky, but this means it is sturdy and built to last. Once your child is old enough you can simply remove the impact shield and use the seat belt instead, ensuring they are still held safely and comfortably.

So what did we think?

I can honestly say we love it! The bold, bright pattern and the sleek white base is stunning and I've had many a comment on it. J loved it as soon as we took it out of the box and I couldn't get him off it!

The impact shield is great, we have previously used another brand of car seat with an impact shield and whilst I appreciated it for its safety, it was bulky and J often looked awkward in it. With the Troop the shield is slightly lower down on his torso and has a flat top, meaning he can balance toys or bowls of snacks on.

It is also a great spot for him to rest his sleepy head when tiredness overcomes him, and he never looks uncomfortable like children can in some seats as their heads roll about.

Sometimes J can be a stubborn little man, and is so determined to climb into his seat himself, despite being on the small side and struggling to actually get in. Sometimes I just don't have the time to wait around whilst he fumbles about, but woe betide me trying to help him and it results in a huge screaming fit if I do! With a harness fitting it can be almost impossible to strap him in as he paddies, but with the impact shield it is slightly easier as I can hold him down with one hand, the impact shield with an elbow as I pull the seat belt across. It is still a bit of acrobatics but I get there eventually!

As my children get older there are so many more features we will benefit from - there are five different headrest heights, the side wings can be adjusted and of course the impact shield switched for the seat belt. It is a car seat that will last us as long as we need it to, I have no doubt about that.

Here is a little video of our outings with the Troop - it has many a use in the short time we have had it!

I now have the two Cosatto seats in my car as both the children prefer them to any others. I love looking in the back of my car to see my children happy, comfortable and safe, surrounded by such fun and colour!

*I was sent this car for free as part of my role as an ambassador, however all opinions are my own.


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