Review: Fisher Price Little People Skyway

My little man has been a car fan, pretty much as soon as he could move. Last Christmas the majority of his toys were on wheels and his collection is pretty vast now. I wasn't sure there was much else we could get him at this stage that would spark his interest, until we received the Fisher Price Little People Skyway to try.

We have several of the Little People range already, however this one is the vehicle range rather than the figures. I didn't realise that the DC Batcave track we already owned was actually part of this range, meaning we had two extra cars to use on the set.

When we opened the box we were actually at a friends house as we had taken the set for something different for the children to play with. My friend and I ended up the challenge of building the 28 pieces to construct the Skyway - a glass of wine helped with the process!

It took us about half an hour between us to get it all together and it actually wasn't too bad. The instructions were pretty straight forward and as the pieces were screwed together rather than slotted it was really sturdy once it was complete.

As soon as the children saw the toy they were in awe - at 3ft tall it does look pretty impressive! Brightly coloured with three different ramps, there are parts that switch the direction of the track over towards each ramp. These can be switched over manually or you can just leave it to the cars and they will come down in a different path every time.

There are also some extra touches, such as traffic lights which can be changed from red to orange to green, a crane, two parking spots, a petrol pump and a little gate at the bottom. I also love the base the track stands on which has things embossed on it to make it look like rubbish and prints on the path. A nice finish.

Our children who played with this were from two to five years old and they all loved it - the five year old in particular! They raced the cars, enjoying watching them whizz down different tracks and seeing who won. As they had to take it in turns it was a good learning experience to encourage them to share.

Once we had it home (it doesn't dismantle so you need space in your car) we spent some time really exploring the toy and having a great time. I decided to build a ramp out of cereal boxes so that the cars coming off the orange ramp could fly even more. They didn't quite fly (must work on my box building skills) but it was fun to try and get it in the right place so the cars landed rather than crashed.

The tracks have spaces along it which means that smaller cars such as hot wheels and matchbox cars get stuck or end up on their roofs. We resolved this by laying pieces of cereal box cardboard down the track so they could slide down a lot more smoothly, which also aided their speed for the ramp.

Overall we really enjoyed this track and can definitely recommend it for your little ones. It retails from £34.49 at Tesco and I feel this is a fair price as it is definitely a lot of toy for your money, and it is sturdy unlike many tracks you can buy.

I put together a short video of the children enjoying the track, including my little cardboard ramp!

*We were sent this track for review, however all opinions are my own.


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