Days With Daddy

I am very fortunate that my husband is a very hands-on dad. Over the weekend when I am having a bad day or am feeling particularly tired, he will look aft her children and let me have a rest. Most Saturdays he takes the children to the supermarket to do the 'big shop' whilst I stay at home and he spends lots of time just taking care of them.

Every now and again if he's feeling up to it he takes the children out for a special trip. On Sunday he decided to take them to the park whilst he waited for the supermarket to open. He wasn't feeling too well himself and was pretty tired, but nevertheless he bundled them into the car and let them run free outside for an hour. He took my big camera with him and got some great shots of their time together so I thought I would share them on here, and maybe one day the children will look back on them and understand what a great daddy he is.


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