Britmums Live 2015 Sponsorship Information

This year will my third year attending the blogging conference, Britmums Live. In a way I suppose this makes me an old hat, but I still don't feel I am any way a pro in this industry. To me, there will always be something to learn and that's why I attend these events - to keep up with what is going on, what is new and keep learning my craft.

I am also looking forward to networking, both with bloggers and brands, and start new relationships alongside building on existing ones. There are so many people scattered all over the UK and for us this event is the one time in the year we get to see each other and catch up, and that is one of my favourite things about the weekend.

Over the last two years I have worked with brands who have become very close to me - The Essential One and Freckled Frog & Creeper Crawlers. It has been an absolute pleasure working with such amazing companies and I really enjoyed the collaborations. So once more I am on the lookout for a sponsor to work with in the run up and throughout the following year. In return I can offer advertising, sharing your products to thousands of followers and helping you build your brand name in the parenting world.

Wearing The Essential One & Freckled Frog

For any brands who aren't sure what Britmums Live is all about, it is the UK’s biggest, two-day social media conference and blogger event taking place on 19th & 20th June 2015, devoted entirely to a parenting audience and run by the UK’s largest parent blogging network of more than 5k influential and engaged bloggers. For my sponsorship I am looking for my ticket price to be covered (£65), my train fare (around £90) and my hotel (£100), which is a grand total of £255. Whether you are able to cover the full costs of this or wish to part-sponsor, I am open to discussing this.

So what do you get in return?

- Three posts over the next twelve months dedicated solely to your brand. Whilst I say three posts, last year I mentioned my sponsor in many more than this, not to mention tweets, retweets, Facebook shares and Instagram photos! I am extremely committed to any brand I work with and dedicated to sharing their products. 

- One review video of your products shared on my Youtube channel, which can be shared throughout your social media and on your own website.

-Your brand name mentioned in all my posts, tweets and mentions of Britmums Live throughout my social presence, which totals 5k followers. 

-A badge / advert on the homepage of my blog for a period of 12 months with a direct link to your website. 

 -To use your product or wear your item throughout the event as well as hand out business cards highlighting you as my sponsor. 

-To review any products or services that you feel would benefit from a blogger review and to host competitions or giveaways for your brand on this blog.

If you would be interested in sponsoring a parenting/lifestyle focused blog for this event, reaching out to over 8000 followers you can contact me by email or through Twitter @hollybobbs.


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