Things To Do This Easter In The North West

For most of us the school holidays loom up ahead as a never-ending period when the children who are normally entertained and tired out at school are now sat at home under our noses, causing chaos and complaining that they are bored. Whilst my children are still in nursery and so won't be at home an different to normal, I am still keen to take advantage of what is on in the area over the Easter break and enjoy some time together out of the house.

My Top Holiday Destinations

I have been really fortunate to have visited cities all over the world in my life. My parents were able to take my sister and I to many countries when we were children and since being with Mr H we have saved hard to see places we have always wanted to. Today I thought I would compile a list of my top destinations I have been fortunate enough to visit and maybe give you some inspiration.

Your Youtube #19

Hello and welcome back to Your Youtube! It's been a quiet couple of weeks for the linky but to be honest it's been quiet for my vlogging too, so I'm not surprised. I hope everyone is still enjoying their vlogging and being part of the Youtube community.

This week's featured video is from Family Adventure Project who has shared this brilliantly bonkers video as part of World Poetry Day 2015 - I absolutely love it!

So back to the link up. Do make sure you are watching others videos and commenting as that is how we all grow and help each other out. So onto you - share away!

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Spring Bargains For Your Skin

Winter can be harsh on the complexion leaving it in need of some TLC by Spring. I know my skin has definitely taken a bashing with the mix of cold weather, central heating and probably not enough time dedicated to looking after it. understands that taking care of your skin can sometimes feel a little un-kind on your purse strings, so they are hosting a rare discount for the month of March on two top skincare ranges - Vichy and La Roche-Posay.

Eco and Budget-Friendly Ideas For Your Home

For the last few years you can say as a family we've lived quite frivolously. We've not had to count our pennies, we've taken days out when we wanted and the children have been lucky to have plenty of toys and clothes spilling out of their rooms. However whilst we are still very fortunate,we have realised how much money we have been wasting and have decided to take stock and try and reign some of it in.

This has started by balancing the books, so to speak, setting ourselves a budget and sticking to it. Every week I go through our online bank statements and add them into a spreadsheet which forecasts our money for the next year, should we stick to our spendings. It is really satisfying to check in each week and see how well we are doing, it makes all the scrimping worth it.

A Goodbye

I talk a lot about all the members of our family on this blog, that is apart from one. He has been a part of our family for seven years now and travelled across America with us, he is hyperactive, crazy and so lovable and has four little legs. Our crazy Jack Russell, Jasper.

Bluestone Wales: Bluestone Wales: A Self Catering Family Holiday Part II

Back in January we enjoyed a lovely four night break at Bluestone Park Resort in Wales and I wrote up my review of the site and our experiences. Now I thought I would share our overall thoughts on the resort and my top tips for your stay.

Styling My Mum With Kaleidoscope #GlamYourMum

To celebrate mums for Mother's Day, Kaleidoscope invited me to join their #GlamYourMum campaign and choose an outfit for my mum. Considering everything that has been going on in our family lately, it was really fantastic to have an opportunity to give something back to my mum, who helps us out so much.

Your Youtube #18

Welcome to Your Youtube week 18, I hope you've all been enjoying your vlogging this week! I've fallen a bit behind and my channel has missed a couple of videos, but I am determined to get back on it today!

This week's fvourite video is from Jess at Jessica Cherry Blogs who has shared a vlog of her trip to Cornwall. Jess is just so fab on camera and her trip looks like great fun!

For those of you who aren't aware, the Brilliance in Blogging awards (or BIB's) are now open and I would love your vote in the video category! If you like my videos and feel I deserve to be nominated I would be hugely grateful if you would vote for me here.

Now onto the linky, as always please link up no more than two videos and don't forget to like, subscribe and comment to the host and at least one other video. I also ask that you tweet using the hashtag #YourYoutube. Over to you!

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House of Fraser Affordable Kids Clothes

When you think of Joules what is the first thing that comes to mind? Quality? Stylish? Or is it expensive?

Whilst there are more expensive brands out there than Joules, it is definitely a treat to buy something from their range. For Christmas I received a voucher so treated myself to a coat in the sale - it's lovely and really great quality but it was a splurge that normally I wouldn't be able to spend that much.

The Perfect Photo From Your Handbag

For the last few weeks I have been trying out the Canon Powershot N2 compact camera and today I am sharing my findings of this little device.

Giveaway With The Gro Company

The Gro Company are an industry accredited brand who produce a beautiful range of products for babies and children, with their best known product being award-winning Grobag. They are also endorsed by safe sleep charity, The Lullaby Trust, who I have worked with myself as part of fundraising for Matilda Mae.

They produce some really beautiful baby items and today I have got two of these up for grabs in a special giveaway. Do you have a baby on the way or a new arrival, or know someone who does? Then this is the perfect prize. The lovely people at The Gro Company have offered one lucky Hollybobbs readers the chance to win not only a Grobag of their choice, but also a Gro-light.

Happy Mother's Day Mums

I've been a mum for over four years now and today I'm celebrating my fourth Mother's Day. Four years. How did that happen? Where did that time go? I never believed my own mum when she told me time flies when you have children. Now I know the truth.

Today I saw an post on Facebook sharing portraits of new mums with their one day old babies, and it made me want to look back on photos of myself and the children. Naturally they are few and far between because firstly, I am the one behind the camera and secondly, I generally looked knackered and crap! But they were such amazing moments that I'm glad I managed to capture, as they were also so fleeting. Those first hugs, and moments of oh my goodness how do I do this? And every other single second of a million different thoughts and wonderings and breathing it all in as much as you possibly can.

So here they are, my babies and I.

Holly at one week old

Jack at one day old
It seems like only days sometimes that they were so small, and yet here they are - walking, talking, questioning, challenging and delighting every day. They are my babies, and they always will be.

Happy Mother's Day Mums. Look at what you did.

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Your Youtube #17

Hello and happy Friday 13th *eek* I hope you have all had a lovely week videoing away and are ready to share your best with us here!

First over to my favourite video of last week, which goes to The Giggles Family, who have put together a Draw My Life. I know from experience how long these videos take to put together and edit and I also know how much Mrs G put into this. It really is a fantastic video with a very touching story so do give it a watch.

Now onto the linky. If you are new I ask you link up no more than two videos and like, subscribe and comment to the host and at least one other video. I also ask that you tweet using the hashtag #YourYoutube. Over to you!

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I Asked You

At the start of the year I put together a short survey to try and gauge where I wanted to progress with my blog and what worked for you, my readers. Thank you so much to everyone who took part and today I wanted to share a little infographic I've put together with the results, and what I learnt.

Blaze and the Monster Machines Twitter Party

Last week we celebrated the launch of Blaze and the Monster Machines, a new show on Nick Jr. We were invited, along with lots of other mummy bloggers, to host a party filled with some fun activities and goodies for our guests.

Your Youtube #16

It's Your Youtube week 16! I can't believe we're three months into the linky and I'm so pleased to see new vloggers joining in every week. It seems the parent vlogging community is rapidly growing all of a sudden with various groups and forums popping up everywhere!

This week's featured video is from Sian at Helpful Mum, who has put together a lovely letter to her daughter for her fourth birthday. As bloggers we often write posts celebrating our childrens' birthdays, but this alternative format is so different and really special.

On with the linky, do add your links below and please like, comment and subscribe to at least two videos including the host. I love having new vloggers linking up as it's great to find new channels so spread the word!

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My Next Summer Wishlist For Young Girls

Recently I visited our local Next store and was bowled over by their new Spring/Summer range. we are gong away in just eight weeks and I am already on the lookout for some outfits for both children. I was particularly taken by the young girls' range so thought I would put together my picks for Little H's holiday wardrobe.

Join Us For A Nick Jr Party

This Friday we are hosting a party to celebrate the launch of Blaze and The Monster Trucks on Nick Jr at 4pm and you are invited!

Join us at 3.45pm - 5.45pm on Friday to be in with a chance of winning goodies, and make sure your follow UKMums.TV to hear all about the action!

You can also check out for loads more fun and games.

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