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At the start of the year I put together a short survey to try and gauge where I wanted to progress with my blog and what worked for you, my readers. Thank you so much to everyone who took part and today I wanted to share a little infographic I've put together with the results, and what I learnt.

It was great to see that the highest percentage of you have been reading the blog for over a year. Whilst I have been blogging for four years now, the first two were really up and down so I'm not surprised people didn't stick around back then. But since I've dedicated a lot more to writing the blog I'm so pleased to see that you have appreciated it too.

It seems most of you visit the blog 2-3 times a week and find me via Twitter. I did notice though that quite a decent percentage come via Bloglovin and this is definitely an area I need to work on. Most of you feel the blog is very easy to navigate, which is always good.

I was so pleased to read that it is my personal and family experiences that make you return to the blog. I often worry that sharing personal things can put many people off so I'm glad that side of things is still what you enjoy reading.

One thing I was disappointed to see is if there was anything you'd like to see less of it would be videos, as I have spent a lot of time on my Youtube channel. It makes me think maybe I need to keep to two separate, which is fine and the reason I did this survey - to see what works and what doesn't. However on the other hand when I asked whether you enjoyed watching the videos 64% of you said yes - go figure!

Finally I asked what type of videos you enjoyed watching, and it was pretty even across the board with days out and personal videos just topping the bill.

So it seems that being a personal blog and hearing about others' stories is what people enjoy seeing, which really gives me confidence to go ahead and share my story and our journey. A huge thank you to everyone who filled in the survey for me!

Now over to the winner! I promised one person would win a £10 Amazon voucher for filling in the survey. Using random.org number 21 was selected and that was Lucy over at Capture By Lucy! Congrats lovely, I will email you the voucher over!

And here are a few quotes:

"Looking forward to reading more in 2015." "You have a real skill at videos and love watching your videos. I have really enjoyed watching your youtube channel get going this year, and often just check in to see if you've uploaded anything new." "I think it integrates well with your blog and you are a natural; in fact, I have been watching your videos for tips on how to get going myself!" "Your blog shines with loveliness" "You have an awesome blog. It's shines both your personality and your family adventures. Don't change." "Love family posts to see what you are up to and the honesty of your cfs battle. I'd like to see more family/lifestyle/decor/crafty posts." "Enjoy your videos and it gives you an edge - ESP the day out reviews, as a family I think that helps others when deciding where/if to visit. More please!" "Love your blog and your videos. I hope you keep making videos." "Your blog is fantastic and I think I'd probably love to see more updates, and more of your own fashion style as you have a bit on a unique taste." "My little boy is about same age as your boy and it's nice seeing that boys will be boys and it's not just mine who causes mayhem."

For anyone who is not sure which direction they want to take or is having a bit of a bloggers block, I would definitely recommend a reader survey. Even if it's just to confirm that what you're doing is what people want to read, it definitely has given me focus and confidence to continue doing what I do.

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