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For the last few weeks I have been trying out the Canon Powershot N2 compact camera and today I am sharing my findings of this little device.

Technical Stuff

The Powershot N2 was released in December 2014, so is very new to the market. It is an updated version of the Powershot N with various enhanced features. It has 16 megapixels, an 8x optical zoom lens and can cover 28-224mm in focal length. The aperture opens to f/3.0 and narrows to f/5.9 across the zoom range, and it has Intelligent IS image stabilisation.

Compared to my iPhone 5 which has 8 megapixels, an aperture of f/2.2 and obviously quite basic features compared to a full camera, I can definitely notice a difference in the quality of images from the Canon.

I also have a Canon Powershot SX5120 HS which is a bridge camera. That has 16 megapixel, 4x digital zoom a focal length of 24 to 1008mm so you get less zoom yet more focal length than the N2.

You can see what a step up it is compared to the iPhone and whilst I know it can't match the bridge camera, I really don't think it is that far off in quality.

Good Stuff

The first thing that caught my eye, and what makes the N2 stand out from other compacts is the selfie screen. An LCD touch panel which flips out to 180 degrees meaning you can take selfies without stretching yourself awkwardly whilst trying to reach for the button!

Another feature I absolutely love is the Creative Shot mode. You flick a switch on the side, take a photo and out comes six different edits of your shot. You have to make sure you're focusing on the object or person you mean to as when it crops it will crop to the focus, but it adds some lovely elements to photos and massively improves them without me having to do any work!

So, let's take a look at the camera - how pretty!

I've been leaving this out on my mantelpiece because it's just so damn nice to look at. It comes in black or white, but I would choose the white anytime. I haven't had a case for it and have carried in my handbag a few times, but there's not a scratch on it. At 8cm x 6.2cm it's perfectly pocket sized and weighing only 7oz you can hardly tell you're carrying it.

The camera is Wifi enabled so if you download the Canon Camera Connect app to your iOS or Android device you can send images from the camera across to them, meaning you can instantly upload to Facebook or Instagram. Definitely a plus for me.

Bad Stuff

The N2 doesn't have a normal shutter butter or zoom rocker, instead you twist the ring around the lens on the front to zoom, and then push the ring next to it to take the shot. Personally I actually think it is quite a nice touch but I can imagine for people with larger hands it would become quite awkward as the ring isn't exactly wide.

Rather than a flash this camera has an LED light. It's better than those you would find on your smartphone, however doesn't compensate for a flash and does make night photography quite questionable.

Rather than a removable battery to charge, meaning you can carry a spare with you should it die, you have to plug the actual camera in to charge. This could be an issue for anyone out and about for long lengths of time using the camera, however I would think for the most part a fully charged battery would last long enough. According to Canon's website the battery life is 200 shots or 180 filming, which I have found plenty for me.


I absolutely adore this little camera. I was bought a bridge camera about eighteen months ago in an attempt to improve my photography for my blog, however if I am perfectly honest it's too bulky for me and a little too complicated. I love that with the N2 I can slot it in my bag so it's there and ready to go, and still get high quality photos with very little effort or knowledge.

If you are a professional photographer then this isn't going to be for you, but I would think you would require a DSLR rather than a compact anyway. If you are wanting something easy to use with great results and small enough to carry around then I would definitely recommend this. In fact I'm considering exchanging one for my Canon Powershot SX510 now!

If you want to see the video footage from the N2, then have a look at this video below which was all filmed using it.

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