BlogCamp UK 2015

Each year as April approaches I start to get pretty excited. For us bloggers it is the beginning of the season where we have the chance to get together in 'real life' rather than the virtual one, chat about something we all have in common and refine our craft - it is the start of the blogging conferences.

Yesterday saw the kick off with BlogCamp UK, run by Tots 100. It is the third time I've attended this event and each year it gets better. I was really excited to be attending with Susanne from for the first time and there were so many bloggers I have got to know via Your Youtube this past year that I really wanted to say hello to.

Tots didn't release the agenda beforehand, so I was interested to see what they had planned. I the end I settled for the pro-blogging session with Sally from Tots, Penny and Becky to kick off the day. It was a really interesting talk, Sally engaged us all with her banter and Penny and Becky had some great information to share about those who are classed as 'pro-bloggers' and now earn a living via their blogs. Whilst I do earned he occasional fee from my blog, it definitely isn't a regular thing, however for me my blog is still a hobby and I think until the children are in school and I have the time to dedicate to putting myself out there that is how it will remain.

After a much-needed cuppa I opted to listen to Kirstie in her travel writing masterclass.

Whilst I don't do a whole lot of travel posts, it is something I've considered branching out into for a while now, and was interested to hear what Kirstie had to share. It was the first time I'd attended a travel session and I was quite surprised at how different it can be as a blogger, from the way you approach opportunities to the way you write them up. Kirstie did a short writing session at the end and showed us how we need to rewrite and edit our writing in order to put together a piece that pulls your audience in. This is something I can definitely apply to all my blog writing ad was really informative. In fact it made me realise I probably need a refresher course on creative writing as it has been so long I couldn't remember what an adverb was!

After lunch I attended the vlogging session which was being run by Sian, who since we started vlogging around the same has become a great friend. I was really interested other what she would be sharing as she has invaluable editing experience after working at the BBC for some years, and she didn't disappoint. Whilst I have been vlogging for over a year, there are plenty of things I am yet to learn so it boosted my drive to keeping working on my channel.

I then stayed seated for the writing workshop from Fiona, who talked us through creating characters, writing a storyline and creating a great top line. I really got a lot from this session and will definitely be using Fiona's advice for writing blog posts in the future.

The final session was a Q&A with a brand panel, although I have to admit to being a bit of a naughty schoolgirl sitting at the back on the bean bags and giggling with Hannah and Sian. I felt a little guilty at not listening properly, but sometimes you just need to be naughty and have a laugh so thank you ladies for bringing out my mischievous side!

I had a really good day at BlogCamp and it was a great start to the next few months of conferences. Next up is Blog On in Manchester, where I am speaking in the video session so if you are attending please do say hello as I will be super nervous!

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