Britmums Live: A Video Round-Up

If you saw my post or any bloggers recently you won't have missed that the Britmums Live blogging conference took place last weekend. As a vlogger myself I decided this year to put the camera down and try to focus on enjoying it, however lots of others took to their iPhones, DSLR's and video cam's to share the day with everyone. Here is a round-up of the videos out there, so if you missed it or are feeling bit nostalgic about your time have a look at these:

Practically Perfect Mum filmed the Guinness World Record Attempt that took place. I missed this bit so it's great to watch what happened, it looked hilarious!

The Gibblets are a mum and dad team who create daily vlogs, so of course they had to film their time at Britmums Live. They have done a video for each day, here is their second installment with a quick shot of me to boot!

Amy from Fun Being Mum has shared her experience of the weekend, I love seeing other people's perspectives of the day and it looked like she had lots of fun.

The lovely ladies at My Two Mums are also daily vloggers and filmed both days. This is their day two, which I am also in (along with a sneaky shot of me behind Kirsty in the Embrace Happy session!), this video has a beautiful ending too so definitely have a look.

Nadine from Business Mum filmed the fantastic keynote from Deliciously Ella, it is quite long but do bare with it as there is a private interview Ella took part in with just five bloggers at the end, well worth watching!

Emma from Twin Mum and Dad has put together a photo collage of her time at Britmums and has some great shots in there.

Jess from Mrs Helicopter has created a slightly bonkers but very fun video along with Lady Emsy, have a look for lots of laughter and boob talk!

Lauren from Blogger Mummy Lauren filmed her day, starting at the airport! I really enjoyed watching her footage and take of her time there, she also has some lovely shots of her time in London.

Finally the Ginger Warrior's Britmums video is renowned now and doesn't disappoint. Full of energy and with lots of chat to different people and brands she really sums up the buzz at the event.

You can also check out Lisa at New Mum Online, Laura at Milk and Honey, Rocket and Bee and Jules from The Giggles Family later in the week for their instalments.

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