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travel sunshade review

Back in February I announced my Britmums Live sponsors, and I was proud to be working with both of the brands who were supporting me to attend the most notorious blogging event of the year. One of those is the fantastic Snoozeshade. I first came across this independent brand via the labyrinth of social media and saw lots of other parents bloggers highly recommending them. I remember thinking what a ingenious idea their travel sunshade was, yet for some reason or another I never bought one. What a huge mistake as I missed out on so much use for this innovative little accessory.

This year when I was on the lookout for sponsors I was fortunate enough to be recommend to Cara, the owner and brains behind Snoozeshade, and therefore given the chance to finally give the sunshade  a test. I was sent a Snoozeshade Plus Deluxe to try and I couldn't wait for our holiday to put it through its paces.

Little J was just short of three when we travelled, and so still took naps some days and was often too tired to last the night like Miss H. As he is a little older than the optimum age that a Snoozeshade can benefit I was concerned we really wouldn't get the use out of it as much, however I was pleased to see how much we did use the shade.

portable sunshade review

The Snoozeshade is designed to provide as a portable sunshade ideal for travelling. It provides UV protection and fits over most prams, buggies and travel systems, keeping your baby safe and sheltered from those harmful sun rays whilst they are in the pushchair, whilst also offering a dark and distraction-free environment for naptimes. Whilst J didn't really nap whilst we were around the pool, on the days we went off the site and were walking around he often needed a snooze.

During this time it was often at the highest temperature of the day, which could be thirty degrees. Having the Snoozeshade meant J was completely protected during his sleep and the shade made sure he was cool enough too.

On an evening we used the Snoozeshade to encourage J to sleep when the music and everything going on around us proved too much of a distraction. We could see he was wiped out and beginning to get really cranky, but couldn't settle himself. As soon as we put the shade over, though, he was asleep within minutes - it was brilliant!

Another great feature of the sunshade is the front panel that can be unzipped, so when your little ones are in the pushchair but awake, they can see what is going on and still be protected. There is also a zip across the top so you can check on your sleeping bundle without disturbing them.

I saw so many people whilst we were away, struggling with towels or cardigans they'd hung over their buggies, but that kept falling off and really didn't offer the best protection. These type of improvised covers are also quite thick and hold the heat rather than keep it out creating quite an uncomfortable environment for children trying to sleep. I really wanted to go over and tell them to get themselves a Snoozeshade and save all the hassle!

The original shade starts at £19.99, so you really aren't breaking the bank and are investing in the protection and comfort of your baby. Not to mention helping to maintain your child's routine whilst you are out and about. I can't recommend the Snoozeshade highly enough and I only wish I'd invested in one earlier. If you want more information you can visit the Snoozeshade website, or even have a look at their YouTube channel to see lots of demonstrations of the product.

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*I was sent a Snoozeshade as part of this review, however all opinions are my own.


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