Would Rose Gold By Any Other Name...?

A couple of weeks ago Mr H and I had the chance for a short break away in Manchester for the night, and it gave me a fantastic excuse to dress up. As it was my birthday Mr H suggested I treat myself, so I took his words to heart and went on a shopping trip with my sister as my stylist. We ended up in Coast, not somewhere I've ever thought to shop before, but what a lovely place it is. Amazing dresses (at, I'll admit, amazingly high prices), beautiful fittings and luxurious fitting rooms with helpful staff on hand just outside.

I ended choosing a dress that I instantly dismissed when my sister held it up - it had feathers on for goodness sake! But actually it surprised how well it fit when I tried it on and I couldn't help but feel a little glam.

To finish it off I needed the perfect jewellery, and that's where House of Fraser came in. They offer a fantastic selection to suit every occasion, and when I decided I'd love some rose gold for a chance I had quite an array to choose from.

In the end I decided on a ring and earrings and was pleasantly surprised to find some beautiful pieces in their sale. I was really pleased when they arrived - the ring had been reduced from £65 to £19.50 and with cubic zircona inspired stones around the edge and a diamond inspired centre stone, whilst it is only a dress ring it looks the part.

The earrings are a lovely finishing touch and complete the ring beautifully.

Mr H and I enjoyed a really enjoyable night together with a few cocktails and amazing food thrown in too. These rare moments are cherished so much and invaluable in maintaining the strength in our relationship.

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*I have been sent these pieces FOC, however all opinions are my own.


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