Christmas Gift Guide For Kids 2015

Are you looking for that perfect gift for your little one but getting lost in the realms of brightly coloured plastic, Lego that gets stuck in your toes and noisy computer games? Well I've put together a few ideas that may hit the inspiration chord or at least give your a few ideas on which way to go when you're buying presents for your tiny ones this festive season.

For The Younger Ones

1. Blanket Backpack. If you have a child who is obsessed with carrying their blanket around with them then the Getting Personal customised blanket backpack may just be the perfect gift. Th backpack has a soft blanket inside the zip compartment so your little one can have their comforter wherever you go. As a great addition the backpack also doubles as a pillow for even more comfort on the go. Little J has been sent the monkey, personalised with his name on to try this Christmas and I'm sure it will be a hit. £39.99.

2. Lil Ocean Explorers. This lovely range from Little Tikes features ocean toys which help babies suitable for babies from crawling to walking is new this autumn. The Crawl N Pop Turtle from age 6 months upwards helps little ones learn about shapes and colours as they match shapes and follow the title as it walks and plays music, whilst Catch Me Crabbie has a motion sensor inside so whenever baby approaches Crabbie moves and plays music to encourage them to follow. All the Ocean Explorer range is the excellent quality you would expect from Little Tikes as well as being fun and educational. £11.99 - .£68.

3. Braun Thermometer. Maybe more a gift for you than your little one, a thermometer is a must-have for most parents to detect high temperatures fast and accurately. Braun's Thermoscan 7 has an age adjustment so you can detect a temperature suitable for your child's age. This is the number one thermometer used and endorsed by doctors around Europe so you can be sure you are using the best product there is out there. £33.84.  

Pre-School Toys

4. Silly Wheelie Mickey. Aimed at ages three and up, this fun toy from Fisher Price sees Mickey riding on a bike, performing stunts whilst singing along. What's great about this toy is that it is interactive and you can control his direction with just one touch as well as joining in with the songs. A lovely toy for Mickey Mouse fans. £39.99.

5. Dora & Perrito. The latest Dora doll from Fisher Price features her four-legged friend Perrito. This doll has tons to it, Perrito does lots of tricks, or gets them wrong, Dora talks to him and they walk together. You can adjust Dora's arm and watch Perrito respond to her commands and once he is fully trained he will then perform all his tricks in a show. Take at look at my video for more information. £29.99.

6. Pirate Island boxset. This self-contained box set from Casdon features an exciting pirate island where your child can let their imaginations run wild. A beautiful wooden set, once your child has finished playing it can all be boxed back up and kept together. It is a wonderful traditional toy that is sure to become a keepsake. £25.

7. UKick. Featured on Dragon's Den, UKick is a new craze which mixes elements on badminton, football and freestyle where you have to keep the it in the air using any parts of your body. Adopted by professional football clubs and schools across the UK, it is sure to be huge in the next few months. £11.49.


8. Og The Bog. We love board games in our house so any new games are always welcome. Og The Bog features an interesting creature who is sat on the toilet, and the aim of the game is you have to steal as many toilet rolls as possible before Og farts and blows the toilet to bits. It's a fun and fast game that will definitely have the kids in stitches, aimed at ages five and up. £22.99.

9. LeapTV. I'm really excited by this educational gaming system - my two love watching daddy play on his PlayStation but all the games are just too old for them. This system from LeapFrog is aimed at children aged 3-8 years old and has special controllers for small hands. There are over 100 games available for the LeapTV and the games adapt with your child and auto-adjust the levels for your child's ability. I'm sure my two are going to love this one! £45.

So there's just a few of my top toys for Christmas, hopefully they've given you a few ideas. Also head over to my Pinterest board for even more.

*I have been sent some of these in return for this post.


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