Starting School: Six Months In

My big girl has been at school for six months now and I honestly cannot believe how fast the time has flown, not to mention the time that Jack will be starting himself. It has been a surprisingly smooth six months and we have been very fortunate that Holly has really fit in well at school and is very happy.

Your Youtube #59

Welcome to another Your Youtube - THE video linky! I hope you've all been enjoying half term and have managed to scrape through it still intact! We've been keeping ourselves busy with trips to Blackpool, Yorkshire and some time just me and my girly, which has been lovely.

This week's video of the week is from 2.2 Children And A Dog, I just love seeing how her two answered the questions she put to them!

Over to the linky - please link no more than two videos and be sure to watch the host video as well as at least one other and like and comment.

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When Normal Isn't Normal

Let me tell you about Holly and Jack. They are normal kids - hyperactive, cheeky and constantly on the go. Holly is five and is always wanting to know more, she can usually be found creating pictures at her pink desk and lately has got a thing for tidying up. Jack is a three year old whirlwind, having found his voice a little later than his sister he now never stops chatting, as well as running, jumping and regularly returning to mummy with a new bruise. Both children are happy, healthy and looked after.

But behind closed doors life isn't always normal. Often they wake and are left to entertain themselves for an hour or so on a morning; their questions of 'play with me mummy' are regular answered with a 'no' and occasionally they spend an hour or two in an afternoon in their bedrooms with unhealthy snacks and their iPads. Why? Because their mummy has a chronic illness.

Life as a child who has a parent with a lifelong illness isn't always normal. They can sometimes come second to the illness's needs, they learn to be more independent at a young age and grow to understand that when mummy is tired she can't colour or bake or jump. Which is often. But they also grow to be more understanding, compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others.

But every now and again these children need a break too. They need to visit a world where they can explore at their will without being held back by anothers' illness. Where they can meet new friends, play till their hearts' content, discover new interests and fall into bed after their bedtime their tummies and minds full from a day spent carefree and uninhibited.

I have a wish that my children will grow up with a life full of exploration, adventure and freedom. despite my illness Because chronic illness doesn't just affect those who have it, it affects everyone. And everyone needs a break from time to time.

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Making The Most Of Half Term

Whilst the arrival of half term sees many an excited child, for most of us parents it becomes a balancing act of entertaining hyperactive children whilst not completely wearing out ourselves and our purse strings. So I was delighted when Mr H decided to take an extra day off and join us for the first day of the holidays, and both children adore spending any extra time with him that they can. We decided to take a trip to the coast and visit the seaside town of Blackpool, and we were fortunate that the weather took a turn for the best and we were graced with beautiful blue skies.

Our Travel Plans for 2016

I've always loved to travel and I was very fortunate to visit places all over the world as I was growing up. It's only when you're an adult, though, that you realise how much travelling costs so apart from our honeymoon, Mr H and I have mostly travelled around Europe. We are making long-term plan for bigger holidays but this year will see us remaining in the EU, but I am really excited and the trips we have planned, so I thought I'd share them with you!


A Fifth Birthday

December is always an exciting month as we are definitely a family who loves Christmas and all its magic, however there is another reason we celebrate the final month of the year and that is our little lady's birthday. This time she turned five years old, which seems so huge to me as it doesn't feel like that time since she was that tiny baby in my arms.

Me & Mine January 2016

Dear Holly & Jack

Today it's February. The second month of this new year is here and yet I can't really remember much of the first. It felt like the longest month in the world and yet looking back I don't know if there's much to take away from it apart from cold, illness and low moods. Let's just say I am welcoming February and a month closer to our holiday in April with open arms.

But this post is a reflection on the last month and what happened over those 30 days, so here's a few words to sum it up.


My big girl, you returned to school after an exciting Christmas, only for you to then be off a week with chickenpox. Caught from your brother, you seemed to get a stronger dose than him but coped really well with them and surprised me.

You've always been a great sleeper but lately have been upset occasionally at bedtime saying you didn't want to sleep on your own. I decided to let you borrow my old teddy as he had always protected mummy when I was little and he would do the same for you. It seems to have done the trick and as long as he beside you, you will now happily drop off.

You seem to be getting so tall now, with long slim legs. You're more than half my height, which is no big surprise and I know before long I'll be looking up at you rather than down!


Baby boy, with you starting school this September you will be a baby no more. After having the chickenpox at Christmas you seem to have been back and forth with a temperature and cold ever since. You don't really let it affect your mood though, and apart from being a bit quieter than usual you have been just as crazy as ever.

This month you saw your first snow since you were six months old. You absolutely loved it, and insisted on smashing it all to pieces with your new 'Hulk Smash' gloves - just typical you. You seem to be slowly becoming more ready for school, although I still don't feel you're as ready as your big sister was - you much prefer running around and chasing balls to sitting and writing your name!

This month's photo pretty much sums up our month - a few tears, laughter and craziness! Definitely an up and down few weeks.

The Me and Mine Project


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