Our Travel Plans for 2016

I've always loved to travel and I was very fortunate to visit places all over the world as I was growing up. It's only when you're an adult, though, that you realise how much travelling costs so apart from our honeymoon, Mr H and I have mostly travelled around Europe. We are making long-term plan for bigger holidays but this year will see us remaining in the EU, but I am really excited and the trips we have planned, so I thought I'd share them with you!


My family and I first visited Moraira, a small fishing village on the Costa Blanca, when I was eight years old and we all fell in love with it. Whilst relatively modern with a lovely marina and stunning selection of restaurants, this little village has retained its Spanish charm with little tapas restaurants and quirky back-street stores. From that first visit all those years ago, we visited yearly for the next ten years with my parents eventually buying a villa there. It became a home from home and I spent an amazing six weeks there after my A levels with various friends who came to stay and met my first boyfriend out there! It holds so many fond memories of family holidays, growing up together, playing in the pool with my dad and sister and quite a few drunken nights as I spread my wings. After not visiting for ten years and with my dad's recent illness, we have decided now is the time to bite the bullet and finally return with the next generation. We have rented a villa on the same street as my mum and dad's was and I cannot wait to spend a week there in April with my mum and dad, my sister and her boyfriend and our crazy two, to reminisce over old times and make new memories in such a special place.

After my sister and I spent a day in London for the first time in years last November, we realised how much we missed visiting the Big Smoke. As my sister turns thirty in May it was the perfect excuse to visit for a long weekend and see a show. Sunset Boulevard was one of many we saw with my parents and one that has stuck in our minds as a favourite. Having been absent from the West End for nearly twenty years, it has had a revival seen Glenn Close return to the lead role after playing it originally on Broadway in 1994. We are attending on the closing night and have booked into a box, and I am so excited to see it - I will be downloading the album beforehand I'm sure! We are yet to book the hotel but are hoping to stay around the Westminster area, as we would like to visit the London Eye whilst we're down there too. Recommendations are welcome!

Technically right on our doorstep, but we're seeing it from a different angle as we are hiring a canal boat for four nights. This year sees us celebrating our ten year anniversary and after much back and forth about where to go, from the Maldives to Cape Verde, we settled on an hour from our home! In the end we voted for spending more on our accommodation then a fortune on the travelling and I'm actually really excited about this trip. We are hiring a luxury canal boat from the Duck Island Boat Company which includes leather sofas, fully equipped kitchen, double bed and outdoor deck, and it will be so lovely for Mr H and I to spend four child-free days just the two of us.

I write this with hope rather than confirmation, but for our big trip for this year I am planning on taking the children (and Mr H!) to Lapland. It's somewhere I've thought about since my sister's friend got married out there and I saw the photos and last winter it seemed everyone and their dog was visiting, which only heightened my desire to show my two the magic of this snowy paradise. With sleigh rides, reindeer and real snow, I have been told it really is one of those trips you have to take and that will be remembered forever. I feel the children will be at the perfect age, with Jack being four and Holly just turned six and hopefully the right age to actually remember the trip. Now we just need to get saving!

So those are our plans for 2016 and all but one are a definite. We are also hope to squeeze a long weekend with friends in as well as a trip or two to my in-laws caravan in Wales, so all in all it will be a lovely busy year of travel! What are your plans for 2016? And do you have any Lapland advice!
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