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Often it can be so easy to focus on the difficult days and struggles of being a parent, and forget to cherish to small and positive moments. Lately I've found myself feeling low even when the day has been good as my busy mind tends to find the difficult part of the day and focus on it, completely forgetting those happy moments. I've decided to try and capture them on my Instagram feed and put together a post to remind myself of those moment and that even when I am feeling less than cheery, that good times are still there if I stop and notice them.

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At the end of last month I returned to work after six years at home. It was an exciting moment for me and I felt proud to have my skills recognised and be able to contribute to our finances.

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Holly's school had a special Mother's Day assembly for all the mums and it was lovely to go in and see all reception and year one put on a little show and hand us all a bunch of daffodils afterwards.

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We've recently begun geocaching and have been really enjoying getting out and discovering some treasure. The weather in this photo had gone from glorious sunshine to rain in seconds and created a stunning rainbow above our heads.

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At the weekend despite being tired after a late night, I took my two and my friend's children out for a walk. It was a lovely day and they all had a great time running off some energy.

So there are my happy moments from the last few weeks. I'm hoping to keep up with these posts and remind myself of these times when I'm feeling a bit down.


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