A Walk Down Memory Lane

When we were thinking about what holiday to go on for 2016 we were back and forth about whether to go on an all-inclusive trip like we did last year, or whether the time had come to return to a destination that meant a lot more. From being the age of eight until eighteen my family and I visited a quiet fishing village on the Costa Blanca every year, sometimes more than once, and my parents eventually bought a place out there. It was where we spent time with our dad, who worked long hours, and wiled many an hour away splashing in the pool and running on the beach. I spent six weeks out there after my A Level's and met my first boyfriend out there. I have hundreds of fond memories of different places in that small village, yet before this year it had been thirteen years since I stepped foot out there.

My sister and I some years ago

Things They Don't Tell You About Having A Boy

Having children is both a blessing and a test of your will, but there is something to be said about having boys that makes you turn grey long before you should. I always dreamt of having both sexes and have been fortunate that I got my wish, but nobody really warned quite what to expect when that boy came along. So here's a few words of warning from me to you about the perils of the male of the species.

So Your Child Got Into School...

Here you are, with your three a four year old, ready to take those next steps of parenting and give your child their first taste of life without you guiding them or waiting in the next room when they bump their heads. You've received that email or letter letting you know which school will be privileged with teaching your little angel and you're getting yourself ready for September when the big day will arrive. But what's next? What do you actually need to do now the confirmation has been received?

Living With A Threenager

I was warned when I complained about the terrible twos that threes were even worse. But as I battled with tantrums, refusal do as I asked and fights to get dressed on a morning, I had no idea what was in store for me just around the corner. Ladies and gentleman I introduce...The Threenager.

A Visit To Tatton Park in Cheshire

Over Easter we took a little trip to the National Trust House, Tatton Park. Set in 1000 acres of beautiful Cheshire countryside, it is about half an hour from our house but not somewhere we have visited that much. It is always packed, especially in the huge play area out the front of the house, but the vast gardens are renowned for their huge array of plants and hold so much space for the children to run around until they collapse exhausted.


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