Five Things To Do In Dubai On A Budget

Dubai is known as the city of gold - not only does it have the biggest trade of gold in the world, but with it's luxurious seven-star hotels, malls, water sports and golden beaches, not to mention the tallest building in the world the Burj Kalifa, it attracts more than 11 million visitors a year and seems to hold a special kind of magic for those that visit it. However, you don't have to be rich or famous to visit this intriguing city, as there are plenty of activities you can do that won't cost you the earth, or even a penny! Here's a few things that my family and I would love to do, should we have the chance to visit Dubai, that are also budget-friendly.

Your YouTube #71

Hello and welcome back to Your Youtube and thanks for joining in! My co-host and I Sian love watching your videos each week and we love seeing you all link up. This week's video of the week is from Jess who has shared her insights into working from home. Her video is really interesting and attempts to debunk some of the myths people who don't work from an office get.

Over to the linky - please link up no more and two videos and please DO NOT link up unless you are prepared to return the favour and watch at least two in return. This linky doesn't work unless everyone who joins in is willing to take part, so let's help each other out. Over to you!

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An Eighteen Month Age Gap: Four Years On

Four years ago our second baby entered the world. Whilst it had taken four long years, failed treatments and then an unexpected surprise before our first, Holly, came around; Jack was not quite so patient. We didn't plan for such a short age gap, but nevertheless there we were - a newborn in arms and an eighteen month at home.

Finding The Bluebells

For a few years now I've looked at other people's photo with envy, as they visited their local bluebell woods and posed in front of the beautiful blue carpets. I have vowed each year I would find some near us and take my ow photos, but I never have. That is until this year. I heard that Speke Hall had a stunning display, as well as lots of other things to do for the children, so on bank holiday Monday we decided to take a trip. We timed it really well as the sun was out and there was a Tudor event going on with stalls and games for the kids to play, we had a lovely day.

Growing Your Youtube Audience

growing your youtube subscribers

If you're a member of the Your Youtube Facebook group you will that from time to time we pick a chat and set an hour aside to have a chat about it amongst ourselves. It's great for those who want to pick up tips from others and for giving you a bit of inspiration to get your vlog on. In the group there's a huge range of vloggers ranging from people with over 1000 subscribers to some only just starting out, so it was really interesting to get everyone's perspective on this. Last week's chat was about growing subscribers, so I asked everyone what they thought could help increase their subscribers and here are the ideas:

Surviving Self Catering With Young Children

Over Easter we visited the beautiful town of Moraira in Spain with our family, which included my two younglings, aged three and five. If you have read any of my old posts you will know by now that Jack, aged three, can be a handful. He has systematically trashed our home, run across roads on his own and generally has no sense of danger. So staying in self-catering accommodation with no kids club to lob him in when we needed a moment to catch our breaths, having to clean up and cook for ourselves, not to mention the pool being RIGHT THERE for him to dive head-first into at a moment's notice, was going to be a challenge. But, here we are, six weeks later and not only did we survive but so did he. So how did we do it? Here are my tips.

Me & Mine April 16

May has arrived and with it brings our trip to London for my sister's 30th and Jack's fourth birthday. Finally the weather has turned and summer looks like it may be around the corner, but of course I will  believe this when I see it. Here is a little round up of our last month.

Keeping Your Kids Entertained

So, it’s almost that time of year - Summer! For our kids, Summer is a joyful time of freedom, fun, and festivities, however for us parents, Summer can be quite the opposite. Out goes the freedom of the school year, when kids are at school most of the day, engaged and entertained and usually coming home exhausted but happy. Now in comes those long days of kids at each other throats, sometimes literally in our house, desperate to play with you despite you still having to work and the age-old cry of "I'm bored".


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